Monday, June 16, 2008

On the weekend I had a visit from Rob, Elisa and Curtis. They couldn't stay long, but Curtis kept us entertained as usual.

Honestly, what can you do with a dog that looks like this when he runs? It's hard to take him seriously!He's got some good ear action happening there.
Because he's half Brittany Spaniel he will 'point' when he's interested in something and he looks terribly cute when he does it. He wouldn't repeat it for the camera, so Elisa decided to help a bit....
Hmm, not entirely natural behaviour ....
He's a handsome lovable goof, and you can be sure of a laugh whenever he's around. It was good to see the kids too.
I was thinking about a pieced border for the top in the previous post, perhaps the red and cream square in squares in the centre of the block. I have a drawer full of these that I've pieced as leader-enders, and they help when I want to try out ideas like this.
I'm not quite sure how it happened; it was Sunday morning, the machine was waiting, the scrap drawers were full, heck I don't know, but suddenly I had 30 of them whizzing under the needle, adding rounds of triangles. I just love Square in Square blocks and this was so much fun, not planning anything, just grabbing the next triangle and sewing it on.
Every time I went to make another cup of coffee I felt guilty that I wasn't doing the sewing I'd planned that day, but I was having too much fun to stop. One good thing about having all these scraps cut into sizes is that it's all just waiting. But that can be bad too, because it's it's just too easy to get sidetracked.
So now I've got thirty of these blocks and some more to finish, the scrap drawers close a little easier (but not much!) and I can get back to thinking about the border for the top, and these blocks, which were the project that I wanted to tackle yesterday. Sometimes you just gotta go where the mood takes you, right?


*karendianne. June 16, 2008  

Absolutely! I'm all for that. Go where the mood takes you.

I loved reading about how much fun you had. And what came of it all is even better.

;) Smiling with Love, *karendianne.

Tazzie June 16, 2008  

I really love those blocks, you have made soooo many! I'm with you, go with the sewing flow.

sewprimitive karen June 17, 2008  

Ohhhhhh I love the red/blue/cream blocks that are yesterday's/tomorrow's project. Cannot wait to see what you do with those pretty things.

sewkalico June 17, 2008  

I think a square in a square border 'would' have been great (think I may have said that before) BUT I love the new blocks and the other blocks too!! Love your colour sense.

Andrea June 19, 2008  

I love square in a square pattern -these blocks are great for all that you did not plan them. I would love to come and look through your scraps - I think they are never-ending lol !

meggie June 20, 2008  

Curtis is such a lovely dog! I love the character he shows, irresistable!
Love your blocks too. I must cut some triangle blocks to play about with, & they might develop into something as nice as yours.

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