Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've had a lazy Sunday at home again, just what I needed. We got six new customer quilts last week, so I've got my work lined up, and I needed some sewing room time for ME.
I worked out the setting requirements for the scrappy Sq in Sq's, just a simple sashing that will use up some more 80's green. (Don't roll your eyes Keryn, it will all be gone soon...) I do have EQ6 on my computer, but still love the graph paper and pencil approach, and the slow working out over coffee. It's just a little ritual of mine when I'm ready to set blocks together, gets me in the right frame of mind, so to speak.
These blocks are set together and pressed, but the light is too bad to take a photo now. I'll do that tomorrow, when it might have borders on as well- if I get busy tonight.

And Keryn and I have been working on an applique project together, this is my block. I love applique and I'm really enjoying this, although I discovered I need stronger magnifying glasses for such fine work. I'll get some more of this done tonight too.

And here's how Macca likes to spend his nights in this cold weather, wrapped up in front of the telly. Can't say I blame him!


Henrietta June 23, 2008  

Macca needs to have someone knit him a nice woolly jumper for the cold weather, poor fella has no coat.

julieQ June 23, 2008  

Very pretty fabrics in your applique block. I like your new quilt tops, it seems if I have a little time for my projects, I can tolerate the "work" stuff...

meggie June 24, 2008  

All of your work is lovely!
Macca looks very cosy there!

Cornfield Quilter June 25, 2008  

I love your qpplique block you are working on. Can you tell us what quilt it is. I really enjoy applique and am always looking for another great project!

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