Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh dear, I think I've sewed myself out this weekend!
I decided that I'd do Judy's Quiltathon, and Stashbusters were having a retreat too. I thought these were clear signs I was to grab some sewing time for me, ere I did more customer quilts.
So I've been making my old Singers hum, one piecing and one putting borders on. (No, not both at the same time, I'm not THAT clever!)

I'm going to show you glimpses of what I did, because it's 7 pm now and I've got no light to take photos. Plus I figure I can get a couple of blog posts about this weekend's work if I'm lucky.
First I put the borders on the scrappy sq in sq top I started recently. Lots of yukky greens gone, and a nice sized lap rug for the lounge.
Then I put the borders on this Lady of The Lake, which is only about 19 years old. Ahem, better late than never...And underneath it you can see part of the pieced backing I made from orphan blocks and leftovers, so I virtually completed a whole new top with all these little bits.
I was in a border kind of mood because I also got this top finished, after lots of debating and agonising about what it wanted. I didn't care in the end, I just wanted the pleasure of crossing it off my list.And then I made this little mini with leftover centres from the red and green Sq in Sq. I decided these were too dark to show up against the greens I was using, so these blocks were set together and bordered with cheddar. I may add more piecing to this, I'm just enjoying the look of it at the moment and revelling in the fact it took less than hour to make. It's quite cute and the indigo was one of our bargains at Spotlight. Now I'm wishing that we'd bought metres of it, it seems to play well with lots of other blocks I tried on it. Well, I have to go to Adelaide to pick Keryn up this week, so.......some more might have to come home with us.
And this is a pile of Leader ender HST that resulted from all my sewing.I intend to iron them tonight, because I don't think I can face another stitch!


Quilt Pixie June 29, 2008  

congrats on all those finishes! I hate bordering, so I end up with so many quilts at that stage. The idea of taking a sewing day and just finishing them up makes a lot of sense....

dot June 29, 2008  

WOW!! You were busy. I can't mimagin having a quilt hanging around for 19 yeats. Happy to hear it is completed.

Carol June 29, 2008  

WOWSER! You got tons done! That is just wonderful!

Andrea June 30, 2008  

I think I need to lie down after reading all that - lol ! You were certainly on a roll. All good stuff.

Donna June 30, 2008  

Very impressive. Love all your quilts. The little one with the cheddar border is especially lovely.

Karol-Ann June 30, 2008  

Well done! I'm jealous of all the quality sewing time and wonderful finishes!!

julieQ June 30, 2008  

What a wonderful quiltey weekend!! You got so many lovely projects completed. I am glad for you, you may rest now....

mereth June 30, 2008  

That's what I call a Quiltathon. Good work, you can have a holiday now and go back to customer quilting....

keryn June 30, 2008  

Ooops, I was signed in as you! Last comment was obviously from ME!

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