Monday, October 15, 2007

The work room is getting closer to being finished and now we're just awaiting the arrival of the Statler, hopefully sometime this week. This space won't seem so big once the machine is up and running.

I haven't managed to get any sewing done lately, but I'm itching to get back to my own sewing room. It seems ages since I did any piecing.
I found this Puss In The Corner quilt and hung it up on Keryn's frame, but the lighting wasn't very good.
The quilting in the border is quite nice, but it didn't show up in the first picture, have to try again sometime.

We've been working in the garden at Keryn's place and it looks beautiful now. Keryn is renting the house from my best friend, and I know she'll like some updates on her loved garden- recognise this, Deb? We're going to work on getting that big stone bed filled next.

The crops are being harvested now, which is really early for this area; it's been so hot and dry this season. We don't seem to have had "Spring" at all.


YankeeQuilter October 17, 2007  

The quilting is wonderful on the pink quilt. Great job. You'll be quilting again in no time!

meggie October 17, 2007  

Lovely quilting!
It seems incredible to think of harvesting already.

Andrea October 17, 2007  

The quilting in the border is not "quite" nice - it's very nice :-) Beautiful quilt. Back to quilting soon Mereth - missed your postings.

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