Friday, October 19, 2007

Life is getting busier and busier, and it will only get worse when the machine arrives. At least I'm not bored. I have two sets of stitched blocks to put together for customers, so I started one this morning. I find it's quite hair-raising, trimming the blocks to size- someone has put hours and hours of work into these beautiful embroideries and here I am, taking the rotary cutter to them. I check and double check the measurements, but I still get nervous doing it.This one is "A Gardener's Journal" by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. It's a lovely pattern, with extensive directions, so it's going together nicely. The fabric is gorgeous too, which helps keep me interested.

I've rigged up a felt board so I can keep track of the tiny pieces (lots of 1 1/2" squares!) and it's working well. I found this old table easel at a sale, and have used it quite a bit in my studio as you can see by the paint around the edges. But with a sheet of felt thrown over, it becomes a good design surface, and I can check back and forth with the pattern in a few seconds. It doesn't take up too much space on my table and folds flat if I need to get it out of the way quickly. It pays to always look around with an open mind, often there are things lying about that you can use in the sewing room if you have a bit of imagination.

Keryn spent last night at my place making some letters for Tonya's class. She had to do it here because all the fabric is set up in my quilting room, and even though I've offered to let her have it, she doesn't seem keen on the idea.

I wonder why? Could it be because it's such a mess and she'd rather it was spilling all over MY table and not hers? Could be.....

The word she was making was "Focus", as that seems to be a bit of a problem with both of us. I had a perfect illustration this morning. I was sewing the customer quilt when I suddenly remembered that I'd left some seedlings in the car last night, and they'd be baking in the hot sun now.

I went out and rescued them, and put them in the shade, ready to plant out tonight. Then I noticed the peat block I'd put in to soak last night was ready to add to the big pot where the seedlings are going, so I scunched that up some more and added that.

I dug it in till it all looked good enough to eat (yes I'm weird, but it looked like fruit-cake!) and stepped back to admire....Ahhh! My hands! I'm sewing the customer quilt!!

For Goodness Sake!!!

Inside to wash my hands and scrub my nails (I simply can't wear gloves in the garden) and then thought Dammit! I'll have a cup of coffee and blog for a bit. Yep. Need some of that there Focus....


Clare October 19, 2007  

You sound so like me. I wouldn't dream of putting on gardening gloves to do potting up. I only put them on for brambles and roses.

I don't like taking the rotary cutter to the Qs4L blocks, but sometimes have to. I feel terribly guilty!

Andrea October 19, 2007  

I know what you mean about taking extra care when cutting up customers stuff. When I'm making curtains I keep measuring to make sure I do it right. I once made some for a lady with genuine Italian lace that she'd bought on holiday. I was terrified of mis-cutting as it would have been a long way to go to replace it !! Love the quilts in the last post especially the scrappier one. You do such nice quilts and give me loads of ideas !

julieQ October 19, 2007  

I have made the mistake of cutting a 3/4 inch strip...from the wrong side of my painstakingly appliqued block!!! So what did I do...Just sewed another strip back on. Then I took it to work to show the girls and one sniffed and said "that's just not quality".. guess she is right!! But I used it anyway!

grins, JulieQ

Rosalyn Manesse October 20, 2007  

Yep, I start at one thing, I really want to do it, but other things keep cropping up. Is that quilt you're working on hand embroidery? I have a big bunch of hand embroidered things that I just had to make--and plan to sew them all together into a coverlet some day--just after I embroider a couple more....

Floss October 20, 2007  

That sounds about right, I can spend my whole day trying to do one thing, I may get a lot of other things done, but by the time I get to what I was planning on doing its time to call it a night. I glad I'm not the only one who has trouble staying focused.

loulee October 20, 2007  

Wow, I've not been here for a while, you have been busy.
I love the quilts. Have fun with the new machine.

Sweet P October 21, 2007  

I like the blocks you're putting together. Your felt board reminds me I have a table top artist's easel that would do the same task.

I don't garden, but I can relate to maintaining focus. Some days I'm the same way. Start one project, do the dishes, work a little more on a project, clean the floor, etc. You get the picture.

Carol E. October 23, 2007  

I can relate! I need some of that focus, too. I'm constantly interrupting myself... explains why I have so dang many UFOs.

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