Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Keryn and I celebrated our birthdays this year with a little trip to Adelaide. We did a lot of business stuff, but we had to visit a few fabric shops to buy each other presents, of course!
Mmmmm! Brown!!!

We have different birthdays; for anyone wanting to know why, we told the full story last year here, and here.And here. On Sunday Keryn was a year older, but on Monday I caught up, and we're just the right side of 50 now, dare I say! We'll have to do something big next year- go to America perhaps?

I also bought this mug-warmer that plugs into a USB port.Keryn was slightly sceptical, but I believe there is a perfect mug-warmer out there and try them all. I HATE cold or tepid coffee, and I never seem to drink the whole thing piping hot, especially when I'm sewing or at the computer. I'll try this out today and hope it works.

Back to sewing the customer quilt, , and here is another little thing I use next to my cutting area. Don't ask me what it was for, but it's like a little ladder, and when I saw it at a second-hand shop I knew I'd find a use for it. I drape all my ironed fabric and strips over it, and can move it to the sewing machine if I need to. (Don't look at the messy floor, please. Just ignore it , like I do)
I've forgotten my projects completely. We've been so busy setting up the workroom and the office and finding suppliers and I'm studying for a Small Business Management certificate as well. Phew!! I keep thinking that life will get back to 'normal', but perhaps this is the new 'normal'. Better get used to it.

Tomorrow our local group is going to set up the Quilt show, so that will be interesting. I must remember to take lots of progress shots while we do it.

Look at these clowns. They are having a stand-off over a tiny little mouse toy that they both have an end of. They stood like this for about a minute, and Bonnie's saying"But MUM!! I had it First!!"


Quilt Pixie October 24, 2007  

had to smile at the mug warmer -- I think I've tried them all and just had to admit an insulated travel mug works just as well :-( Hope this one's the cat's meow for your though :-)

julieQ October 25, 2007  

Looks you girls had a great day!! Happiest birthday to you both. Fun shopping...yum!!

I love browns, too!


meggie October 25, 2007  

Forgot to say Many Happies to Keryn! So I now say it for both of you!
Love your treats!
The mug warmer is just ... great I hope!
Our dogs do that.. but Leo is taller & heavier, though Honey gives him her best growls to denote ownership.

Studio Christine October 25, 2007  

the fabric holder looks like an old saw horse.

it could also be one of a pair of supports for a plank that painters used to stand on and reach ceilings or cornices

Jenni @ Fairybread October 28, 2007  

Love those Staffys. I think Mum will end up with it, no matter who got it first! Good luck with the mug warmer - fancy it plugging in to the USB port. I have an insulated plunger, but usually I forget about the 2nd cup anyway. You can get little plug in plates for glass plungers too.

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