Saturday, October 27, 2007

The first day of the show went well, and the visitors came from up to 100k away.It's interesting at these events because there's always quilters tucked away in places you don't expect, stitching away even if they don't belong to a group or guild. A show brings them out of the woodwork and gathers them in one place, no matter what their differences.

We had to use several ladders to hang the quilts, and we'll need them to take it all down. As we had to store them on the premises, we turned them into impromptu quilts displays, pretty clever, don't you think?
One of Keryn's quilts is screening the 'Ladies' from view, what an honour!

And these are some little quilts of Keryn's on display at our workroom, seriously cute. I must finish my doll quilt and then we can hang them all together somewhere.


Tazzie October 27, 2007  

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures Mereth, I can't be there in person, so I feel like I've still seen some of the exhibition now :-) The quilts are just lovely!

Donna October 27, 2007  

that middle doll quilt is beautiful... Glad you're getting a good run out :-)

loulee October 27, 2007  

You've done a fantastic job.
The quilts all look wonderful, I wish I could be there to see then for real.

Sheila October 27, 2007  

What a wonderful treat to see *inside* the show. You two are so very creative and have a great sense of style. Thanks for sharing the trip, the new digs' makeover, and the quilt show!
Sheila in Ohio

Rose Marie October 27, 2007  

What a great show .... many thanks for sharing photos for those whom could not come to visit!

meggie October 28, 2007  

It all looks so great, & I just love that bright ladies loo screen!

Carol E. October 29, 2007  

What a beautiful show! Thanks for the vicarious tour.

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