Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keryn has these intriguing quilt stands in her workroom, made from solid wood and with three levels of hooks for different sized quilts. The removal man in Rocky couldn't work it out, and I explained that the long pole went in between the two uprights. Later I heard his mate ask what the stands were for. "Well, this pole goes across the top" he said knowledgeably. "Err, what do ya use it for then?" the mate asked. The first guy just shrugged his shoulders and said "Beats me!"When they were being unloaded here, a different removal man looked up at the tallest hook (7 feet high) and mused "Good luck getting your hat up There!". I guess they don't see many purpose-built quilt stands in their work.
Mum's red cactus is flowering again; I can't quite believe the size of these flowers and the white ones are even bigger. There are lots more blooms to come, and this has lasted for ages in the glass, quite spectacular.
Mac has had an accident and almost ripped one of his dew-claws off. He was fine until the bandage went on and then he began to limp dramatically and look thoroughly pathetic.

But of course the promise of cadging a bit of food from Matt took his mind off it.


Hedgehog October 10, 2007  

What a cool quilt display system! Movers have always been baffled by some of my things - and the labels on my boxes. Go figure. You'd think they'd have seen everything!

Anonymous,  October 11, 2007  

Oh my goodness! There is nothing cuter than a dog that looks like Tiny Tim. Hope is foot feels better soon.

Donna October 11, 2007  

great system for hanging quilts!

meggie October 11, 2007  

Great for hanging & photographing quilts!
Poor Mac!
I see that some breeders in USA have the dewclaws removed from pups. Sounded so cruel to me.
Hope he is soon better.

loulee October 12, 2007  

What a cool stand.

I hope the pooch got his tidbit!

Jenni October 12, 2007  

Poor Mac - at least he hasn't got the dreaded lampshade on.

Kairle Oaks October 12, 2007  

What an innovative quilt rack. I'll have to put that idea in my memory bank.

Quiltdivajulie October 13, 2007  

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the quilt display racks... I will show them to my engineer-husband. They're awesome! Give Mac an ear scratch from Tennessee...

YankeeQuilter October 15, 2007  

Poor cat broke her leg years ago and now whenever she wants attention she limps across the floor! What an actress.

When the moving guys showed up at my house I brought them into my quilting room...their jaws dropped when they saw all the fabric!

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