Thursday, October 18, 2007

Waah, it seems like the Statler won't be here for another few weeks, so we've got more time to get organised than we thought. Not a bad thing, but I want to start Quilting!

I've been going through my stack of finished quilts, and found this Periwinkle and nine-patch that I did about eight years ago. It's only little, but I like the warm colours and the stars around the border.

Then I remembered that I'd made a blue and white version that had remained a top, so I dug that out to have a look. I collected a great many indigos for this, and I'm still trying to use them up years later. I do love blue and white though, so that's no great hardship!

I put an appliqued bud in the border, just to be a bit different. This can go on the Statler when it gets here and then they'll both be finished.
This morning I walked into my sewing room (I haven't been in there since I left for Sydney four weeks ago) and thought "Goodness! What on earth was I doing?" Actually, it was a bit more pithy than that, but I've censored it for the blog. I can't remember what projects I was working on, or where I was going with the blocks that are on the table, so I guess I have to try and familiarise myself with it all again.
While I was waiting for blogger to load some photos I doodled this cranky looking cat. (He's only an inch high, so excuse the quality; a photo quite enlarged!)
I wondered why, then thought "That's what I feel like! A cat with it's fur rubbed up the wrong way!" I need to get tidied up and sorted out and everything into place again, and then I'll feel as if I can go back to work.

So to help settle my fur, I got out my leader-enders and sewed some more little 5" blocks together....

I'm feeling much better now!


Harmany Quilting October 18, 2007  

Good things come to those who wait and those who wait get extrememly p***** off. Everything is looking so grand and exciting in your neck of the woods. Your newest piecing looks divine - you'll undoubtedly make another exquisite quilt. Blogless Kathy and I look forward to seeing you in November.

comicbooklady October 18, 2007  

I love the blue and white version, especially the buds in the corner! What a great idea!

Floss October 19, 2007  

I love the quilts in both colour versions. I really like the buds on the blue one.

It can be hard work out what you were doing when you haven’t been in the sewing room for a while.

Karen October 19, 2007  

Love first the stars in the outer border, then the buds. They both look so good. Poor, poor kitty. You should draw a picture of how she looks after making those pretty blocks :-).

meggie October 19, 2007  

Well, yum yum & yum!
I love those little blocks with your leader enders. Love the quilts too of course.
I have to go & do some -gasp- cooking!

Lucy October 20, 2007  

What an inspiring blocks you made !

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