Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm signed up to do Tonya's online class, and we've been introducing ourselves and bandying words about, all good fun. But now we've been given our first sewing assignment and I'm trying to get stuck into that and not get behind. This is really outside the box for me, but I'm going to try and be all 'Anything goes' and 'Whatever' and 'She'll be right mate' and not get hung up on the 'perfect' material. Within my comfort zone I don't get uptight about anything, but this isn't my territory at all, and things feel strange.

I didn't know what fabric to use, I just don't like brights for myself, even though I love Tonya's quilts.Then I thought of a pile of material that Keryn and I have dyed on two or three occasions when I was at her house. Even though you mightn't think these are 'happy' colours, they are chock full of memories of the fun we had. What a glorious mess we made, and then we washed and dried and ironed, and halved all the fabric. Lots of cups of coffee and happy hours spent together, so this is a perfect choice to make a 'happy love' quilt. (That's only a tiny sample of what we accomplished!)

So, I've been cutting strips, and gasp! I didn't even iron the fabric first! Ok, how laid back is that? I do have a 'thing' about cutting pressed fabric, but I'm ignoring it in the spirit of 'whatever' and 'no worries, mate'. We'll see how far I get with THAT attitude....

And can someone tell me why, with a hot north wind roaring outside and the temperature becoming noticeably warm inside, I'm winding laceweight for a shawl? Idiot.


Donna September 09, 2007  

the first steps into the challenge are the hardest Mereth -- you've made a good start with choosing happy love fabric that is more comfortably in your colour range. You really can do this, it does work. You might even have fun... :-)

Tonya Ricucci September 09, 2007  

Oh, that's perfect fabric for a happy love quilt. this quilt isn't about using bright fabric, but fabric that YOU love (not that I love). you can do this, I know you can.

Rose Marie September 09, 2007  

It will be interesting to see what you do outside the box!

dot September 10, 2007  

Its always hard to step over the line the first time. You will have so much fun, you maynot ever go back. As far as the shawl, isn't that the way we women work. Prepare for the next season.

jovaliquilts September 10, 2007  

I agree that the first steps are the hardest -- I'm having trouble choosing fabrics, too. Just going to try a bunch of stuff and see what I like! I think your strips are lovely.

Jenni September 12, 2007  

Yes, why will you be knitting? It is winter only for me. It's quite hot here today, I dread summer.

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