Monday, September 03, 2007

Well, I couldn't let everyone else be having all the fun with these darn doll quilts! Everyone in blogland would have one but me! So I pulled open the Drawer of Abandonment and grabbed the first likely lookin' things I could see. (actually there are two drawers, but we won't go into that..)Four little churndash blocks that got left out of a set of blocks I made 10 years ago. I was about to start looking through the stash for setting fabric when I became aware of the tottering stacks around me. I've been doing so much for other people lately that I haven't bothered to tidy up all the bits I'd already pulled out. So, I told myself I could only use what was out in plain sight, no hunting through drawers for the 'perfect' bit. Lo and behold, it was great fun and resulted in some unexpected combinatins that I'll remember for future ideas. It took very little time to sling this together and find a back for it, there is a bit of left-over batting from the twin quilts and I should get it basted tomorrow. Now I'm in the loop!!

Staffies adore playing tug of war, but Mac is so strong now he literally pulls me off my feet.

So Matt has to play that particular game, but even he has trouble holding on sometimes.

Matt and Mac (didn't realise how confusing that would be when we named him) demonstrate "Fun with Mops"....
Tug o' war....
The 'killer shake'

The "Marilyn Monroe"

now that's just being silly.....


meggie September 03, 2007  

Jealously admiring your doll quilt!
And laughing out loud at Matt & Mac's anitics.

hmmm the Drawer of Abandonment. I have a similar thing, but mine is a box.

keryn September 03, 2007  

I love the sound of The Drawer Of Abandonment; so like the Room of Requirement, and I'm sure you meant it to have the same ring. I think I will call my new sewing room the Room of Requirement. It's going to have everything I need in it!

Do you buy mops especially for those two to play with, or do they destroy your cleaning equipment regularly?

keryn September 03, 2007  

DEr, meant to say I loved the colours in your little quilts, so pretty

Fiona September 03, 2007  

Bless, glad you're 'in the loop' and like Keryn, I love the pretty colours in the quilt.

Sweet P September 03, 2007  

Your little quilt is great and I love the name Drawer of Abandonment.

The Marilyn Monroe look is silly, but very cute.

Helen in the UK September 03, 2007  

Love your little quilt, esp with the unusual borders! Wish I had a drawer (or box) with lots of abandoned blocks. Maybe I haven't been quilting long enough to get a good collection :)

Andrea September 04, 2007  

I love the way you've done your borders - they really add to it's charm. Think we're all now going to have Drawers of Abandonment -lol.

Mary Johnson September 04, 2007  

I love the miter in the top right corner AND the idea of challenging yourself to use what was in plain view once you'd chosen your blocks.

These little ones are so fun but mine still tend to be traditional and symmetric. I struggle with asymmetry although I love it in other's quilts.

Carol E. September 05, 2007  

Cute doll quilt! And cute doggy, too. I love watching them play.

Lucy September 05, 2007  

I am in love with your little quitl ! !! and you have a lovely Marilyn Monroe :-)

chq September 07, 2007  

Your Matt looks like my Mickey - he too loves to play tug of war. How are they so strong?

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