Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you haven't read Keryn's post, then I have to explain that I'm up in Rockhampton to help her move. We'll be living in the same town soon! For the first time in 20 odd years.The furniture and boxes went yesterday and this morning we both felt a little sore in the dorsal region, so we made these letters to remind ourselves not to slack off. They were sewn with the machine balanced on a tiny little chest of drawers which just shows how determined we are to keep this up. We probably won't be able to sew on the road, but who knows? It's all coming with us and inspiration may strike.

We're poring over maps and calculating distances , who knew Australia was so Big? We want to be able to travel an average of around 500k a day, so that we have time to enjoy ourselves along the way. We know there's at least one excellent patchwork shop on the route, and we'll be on the lookout for others. Is it irresponsible to plan our itinerary so that we can visit Patchwork Shops?
It should take us four or five days in all, which is quite reasonable. We hope to leave Sunday, so with any luck we will be home by next weekend. Then the hard work begins.


Hedgehog September 21, 2007  

A safe trip to you both! Love the letters.

Donna September 21, 2007  

if you have the chance to visit a good quilt shoppe it would be irresponsible to NOT plan for it! :-)

Andrea September 22, 2007  

That's some journey you have ahead of you. Take care and you MUST find more quiltshops en route !! It's the law - lol !

meggie September 22, 2007  

I am sure you will find some quilt shops along the way! Have a safe & happy trip. Hugs to both of you!!

Chookyblue...... September 22, 2007  

call in on the way would be welcome

Lynda (Granny K) September 22, 2007  

Have a great trip and be sure to visit ALL those shops along the way - just call it 'research'!

Anonymous,  September 22, 2007  

Seeing/Reading what you two accomplish with distance between you, it will be amazing to see what you do in close proximity!

Safe travels,
Sheila in Ohio
(ditto: Talent v. Luck at Keryn's)

Mary Johnson September 22, 2007  

Have fun on your road trip. I flew up to Virginia a few years ago to drive with Deb when she moved to Florida. It was interesting!

It's great that you'll be living so close. I'm far away from all 3 of my sisters - luckily I'll get to see two of them next weekend.

Tonya Ricucci September 22, 2007  

you two are dedicated, to even think about piecing letters in the midst of the upheaval. the letters are great. Why not stop at quiltshops? you need some relaxation during your long drive.

Clare September 22, 2007  

Lovely letters - I like the way you've used different coloured fabrics. Safe journey.

Kieny The Dutchlady September 23, 2007  

Have a save trip and I hope you find some nice quilt shops to visit!

sewprimitive karen September 24, 2007  

Gracious, you're going to be living in the same town?? That will be wonderful!

Jenni September 26, 2007  

I'm so behind on my blogs - shame as you could have come through Brisbane and we could have gone to the one nice shop here. Hope your trip went well.

atet September 28, 2007  

Sounds wonderful -- and I see absolutely nothing wrong with planning your route via the best quilt shops you can find. If I were driving across country, I'd do the same thing!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum September 30, 2007  

That's the only way to plan an itenary!
I'm only surprised you didn't give us your itenary so we could all tell you where the good shops were...or where you should transgress to find a good one!!Tracey

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