Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm filling in half an hour before I have to leave and catch the bus to Adelaide. I'll stay the night with First-born Son and then tomorrow I head off to Sydney to meet Keryn for another gathering at Kaye Brown's place. I'll see you there blogless Kathy and I promise we'll have a moment's silence to think of you Nicola. Just the one though, I'm sure the noise level will be a dull roar for four days! What fun.

So I'm at a bit of a loose end just now, and thought, after looking at Lucy's lovely applique block that I'd share a quilt I finished three or four years ago. I designed the blocks myself after poring over countless 'Quilt History' books and photos on ebay. I just adore red and green applique, and I have a lot more ideas drawn out waiting to be sewn.

This was hand appliqued and quilted on my Janome 4000, long before I had my 6500. I don't really know how I managed to do it, looking back. Lots of swearing probably, that always helps.

I'm glad to say this won best of show at our local show two years ago, no misunderstandings like my first applique quilt.....

And I have a story to tell about shows and lace knitting, but that will have to wait till I get back from our trip. I've been doing this for 34 years and a good lace pattern can still make my fingers itch.I started this lace shawl because we shouldn't be getting such warm weather here at this time of year, and I thought I'd have at least another month of knitting at night. We'll have to see if it cools down again.

Mmmmmmm, lace.......


Fiona September 12, 2007  

The applique quilt is truly exquisite - I'm in awe!

Harmany Quilting September 12, 2007  

Gorgeous work Meredith. I'm there with you in spirit, I'm the green one.

loulee September 12, 2007  

What a beautiful quilt.

meggie September 12, 2007  

Your applique quilt in the green & pink is so lovely.
And I love that lace knitting. I used to love that... what happened.
O yes, I forgot, I got old! Bugger!

Andrea September 12, 2007  

That is truly one of the most lovely quilts I have ever seen. Stunning !

Anonymous,  September 13, 2007  

wow, that is amazing work. it looks so authentic.

Colleen formerly of South Africa September 13, 2007  

Love the quilt! Your REGULAR machine Quilting is amazing. I am so inspired....have been trying to make as many simple take back to the US.... Hoping to buy a long arm...but hey....maybe can do without one....if I could do one tenth the work you're doing I'd be thrilled! Thanks for sharing the photos. Colleen in South Africa

comicbooklady September 14, 2007  

Wow! that's beautiful applique! I am going to have to put you in my inspiration file, that is so lovely!

also, about your last sewing table looks like that when I am doing my letters, too!

Quiltdivajulie September 14, 2007  

Your applique quilt is absolutely stunning! What a treat to view the photos ~ I can only imagine what it would be like in person... and thanks for your comments on my blog.

Shelina September 14, 2007  

Hi Mereth, this applique quilt is absolutely stunning - oops Julie just said that, but it is so true. It is amazing. If only I had half the talent and productivity you do. I was also admiring your wonky letters, and your scrap quilt - I am so glad you didn't throw away your strips and your tiny hsts.

Floss September 14, 2007  

Wow, that is a gorgeous quilt.

Lucy September 14, 2007  

what an impressive quilt !!I love it Meredith.
( I am almost finished with my second block :-)

Chookyblue...... September 14, 2007  

The applique is beautiful and I could probably do that if I had a go but OMG the quilting.........that's where my quilt lady comes in...........I was flat out to sew straight lines on that flannel quilt I did.........amazing quilting and also amazing chatting etc will by now be going on at Kaye's house.......have fun........

MARCIE September 16, 2007  

Oh Mereth, it is really a wonderful quilt! Your quilting is amazing as well! So glad you showed us.

Rose Marie September 17, 2007  

What an absolutely stunning quilt!

Jenni September 18, 2007  

That's a beautiful quilt, and the quilting is amazing. No wonder it won. It is getting hot very quickly, isn't it? 31 here yesterday. I can't think of knitting - it is definately a winter job, but lace knitting does appeal to me... I've been gardening like crazy trying to get things done before it is too hot to go out there.

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