Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I've started these Rolling Stone blocks using the square in square units too.
The units are 3" finished, so that makes this block 9" and the blocks in the previous post finish at 6". I've completed 40 of the latter and the drawer will close again, but I don't want to stop. I have to let the obsession run it's course, which means that I'll sew and sew and one day I'll pick up the bits and be overcome by a wave of nausea. Then it's time to go on to something else. Doesn't everyone work like this?

I've got a lot of pictures of antique quilts in the Rolling Stone pattern and I love them all.
I like this bold colour combination, but the pastel one below is pretty too.
I'd never be brave enough to use colours this intense, but it's certainly striking, isn't it?


sewprimitive karen March 02, 2010  

So pretty, Mereth. This is the prettiest block.

Diane March 03, 2010  

I know what you mean about working until the obession is over, I do the same thing. That is why I have so many boxes of units. My problem is getting back to them.

Vicki W March 03, 2010  

I love this block, it was a block that my Great Grandmother made and I have the quilt (assembled by my Mom and quilted by me) on my guest room wall. I really love the last photo - so bright and HOT!

YankeeQuilter March 04, 2010  

Those yellows and pinks are really popular in old Pennsylvania quilts. Looks like a fun block to play with!

Anonymous,  March 04, 2010  

I love your peaceful colour combos but also love the bright red and hot pink one at the bottom! A great block.

Meggie March 04, 2010  

It is funny. I dislike red as a rule, yet that is my favourite Rolling Stone!

Kathie March 06, 2010  

you know now I have these blocks in my head too and i HAVE to make a quilt with them too!
thank you!
will keep you posted :)
ps please stop adding quilts to my list to make!!!!!!

Mary March 07, 2010  

I'm not usually a pastel person but surprisingly that's my favorite one ...maybe because it's scrappy, or is the the fan quilting?

Laura March 08, 2010  

I totally know what you mean about the obsession and the subsequent nausea. Been there, done that many times. The problem is when the nausea is related to a project that has a deadline. I absolutely hate having to force myself to work on something. It takes all the fun out of it.

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