Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been wondering just how many tops I've made using the sq in sq unit as a major part of the design.There was this top with cheddar sashes..

and this green and red and gold one, with two extra rounds added to the basic unit.
There was this large top,

and this one, both around queen size.

and the huge madder top.

This little piece was made with leftovers,

and at least three sets of these blocks, twenty in each . I just couldn't stop making them either...

Does anyone doubt that I have a 'thing' about little sq in sq units? I just love 'em.


pdudgeon March 24, 2010  

i agree, they are really a versitile block. thanks so much for the quilt show, i love them all for various reasons. sometimes in our search for 'just the right block' for a fabric, we overlook the good old basic blocks. again, thanks for bringing these old standards out for a round of applause.

Barbara C March 29, 2010  

Thanks for posting such a beautiful variety of examples of this block. I enjoy seeing so many possibilities from one pattern.

Meggie March 29, 2010  

Yep, it is your

Love it, too.

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