Thursday, August 16, 2007

When I woke up this morning there was no power, which means.... NO COFFEE!!!! I couldn't be doing with that, so I rigged up this set-up, small can of meths, suacepan full of water on rack above it, light meths, and 5 minutes later- the first blissful cup of the day! I boiled enough water to fill the thermos, which was just as well, because the power was out for three hours. When the lights came on again I headed back to the sewing machine and continued my baby quilts, this is the boy's one and I'm enjoying the ditch stitching. I do it all with the darning foot, free motion, and it's so easy once you master it. It's a very valuable skill to have in your quilting repetoire, and worth practising.

This one's for Meggie's File of Overheard Comments.I went shopping yesterday and couldn't help hearing two shop assistants talking in the next aisle as they stacked shelves. One needed glasses and was complaining about the cost, and the other one said "Oh I should get glasses, one of my eyes is thicker than the other one, you know." "Reeelly?" said the friend. "Yeah, my eyes are that bad, this one's thicker, but This one's wonky." Friend said she didn't think there was much difference, and the other one said "No, have a look, see how wonky this one is?" A pause while friend apparently scrutinised the eye, then she exclaimed "Yeah, you're right!" Of course I scurried surreptiously around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Wonky-Eyed One, but she was called away on another errand. Rats!


keryn August 16, 2007  

Very inventive with the makeshift stove, boy scout marks for that.

It's probably better that you didn't come face to face with the Wonky-eyed One; she might have wondered why you were staring at her....

meggie August 17, 2007  

I am sitting here in fits of laughter! I agree with Keryn- or you might not have known just where she was looking, if her eye was that wonky!
I love the look of that quilt for the boy. I would love to come & learn some tips from you!

Andrea August 17, 2007  

When you need some coffee I suppose you'll do anything - lol ! You have a great way with words - I was chuckling reading your post about Mrs Wonky Eyes ! Another lovely quilt !

Karen August 18, 2007  

Beautiful neat to fall asleep while you're drawing away...

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum August 19, 2007  

Oh, yes, I would have been running around to see the wonky one as well!
I bet the coffee tasted far better than a normal one and you were especially desperate JUST because there wasn't any power....makes us appreciate it more! Tracey
ps love the boy quilt being quilted...and the pinwheeels and...

Anonymous,  August 20, 2007  

You very creative woman. Not only with your quilting but when you want coffee you GET coffee.
I've found you blog through searching for stitcheries.
You have made and making some beautiful quilts. I'm in Aw.
I'm slowing getting into quilting but don't like that it takes so long. Maybe I'll just do little bits at a time for a long time.
I'll be back to check on your progress.

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