Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Another little top

 I've set the small red crosses into a top, and I think it's pretty cute. It's not very big because the blocks only measure 4 1/4" finished- it's shown here folded into quarters on my quilt rack because the pale border just disappeared into the design wall. I like this pattern enough to make it in 'good' fabric instead of scraps, so I'll cut some pieces and kit them up. Such an easy little block to sew, I love that aspect of it.

The other set of cross blocks are in the time-out corner for now. They refuse to tell me what they want, so we're having a little time apart and see if that improves communications.

I returned to my pastel strippy project for my Leader-Enders, and just kept grabbing pieces out of the box until suddenly there was nothing left but pink and apricot squares- I'm not sewing those together. Oh, and that one blue that is too dark and shouldn't be there at all. If I pick it up I throw it back in, and commonsense would tell me to just Leave It Out!, but I keep putting it back, sigh.

I've filled this box with cut pieces two or three times, and used all my pastel scraps in the process. I'll have to cut from fat quarters now, which involves ironing and cutting strips, so this part of the pattern might grind to a halt.
 I pressed and counted the pile of five-square strips, and I had 24, not bad for a few bursts of piecing.
I've cut some more blue triangles for the sides, and I'll use these as my Leader-Enders for now.
  The strips are building up satisfactorily and soon I'll have to have a big session of putting them together to see how much I need. I've sewn a lot of these into pairs already, which will speed the process.
I weighed this lot, and it equals about two metres of fabric, all those scraps add up to yardage in the long run.


Kathie July 02, 2013  

I never tire of these cross blocks
and red and white quilts just always love them!

have fun with the pastel quilt, I am sure it will be a quilt in no time!

Sandy July 07, 2013  

I'm curious to know how you calculate the fabric used by the weight of the top? Brilliant idea.

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