Tuesday, July 09, 2013

tiny diamonds

 I've been sewing my tiny diamonds at night, without any real plan. I have a heap of plain stars, but I also decided to try some other blocks too.
I made this larger star in a controlled colour scheme; I quite like it, but it looks very 80's Quiltmaker to me.
I made seven tumbling blocks and arranged them like a hexagon flower; I loved this but might try it with slightly larger diamonds.
I sewed a Seven Sisters out of star blocks, -very nice, but then when I looked at my photos of antique quilts,
 they all seemed to be this arrangement of seven stars, without so much background cream.

 I like this, but it was a bit of a pain to put together. There seemed to be a lot more stitching in this block, because it had to be 'built' in a different way, rather than just simply sewing the stars. They are interlocked, which is a nice design, and you also get secondary stars happening. I might do more of these... later.

The pressing was also more tedious, because with the first block I was able to press all the completed stars before sewing them together.  Even though I finger pressed each seam as I sewed it, this is the back of the finished second block; lots of tiny seams and hardly any room to press it all without snagging other seam allownaces.
But I persevered and they all lay down flat in the end. I'm so glad I trim all my seams neatly as I finish them, it's much easier to sort out the pressing order and the backs of the blocks are as tidy as I can make them. As a bonus there are  little sparkly pinwheels at the intersections, -how cute!


Brenda July 09, 2013  

They are gorgeous

Sue SA July 10, 2013  

I love your stars, but actually prefer the tumbling blocks. I have been making a seven sisters without a pattern using EPP. I am now in a dilemma about how to put them together. Using papers elimiated the concern for pressing at the end (you did well looks complicated) but made it easier for sewing together; I made the centre star with background so it became a hexagon and then pieced the surrounnding stars minus some background into a "circle", so that I just sewed the centre in. Was much easier then long up hill and down valley seams. But not sure if that method is appropriate for you if you are hand piecing without papers. Enjoy!

Jan July 11, 2013  

How funny - this is another pattern that I have made, and love. My seven sisters is half hand quilted (shame on me). Those 60 degree diamonds are indeed versatile. The pressing, as you mention, is a bit of a chore.
Your blocks are lovely, as always!

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