Thursday, July 18, 2013

 When Keryn cleaned up her sewing room in the past she used to save all her scraps that she didn't want, and about twice a year she'd give them all to me, and we were both happy. She got rid of a pile of bits she couldn't be bothered with, and I got a lovely lot of new-to-me goodies to go through. However earlier this year, after the move back to living in the hall, she decided she'd she'd gift them to me as they accumulated. So I've been getting these little bundles of this and that, scraps, cut pieces, strips and squares and triangles-whatever she threw in the container.
I think because she gets rid of them straight away and  she can't go back and pilfer bits out of the box, I seem to be getting more than ever. When I decided to clean my own work area this morning, I found I had a strange new problem..Triangle Abundance. It seemed everywhere I looked there was yet another box of triangles,
some already sewn.....

 and some still in their raw state.
My goodness, where did they all come from, and how can I control this explosion?
 I quickly made two little Broken dishes type blocks- this one looks like a star in some aspects,

 and this one is made from pinwheels for a slightly different look.
 I don't know which one I like more, but each uses 16 HSTriangles, so that's going to dispose of a fair few of the 2" sewn ones. I still haven't worked out what I'll do with all the other sizes, but this is a start at least! And I hope Keryn hasn't found more that she wants to get rid of....


Patti July 19, 2013  

Lucky you! I love having bunches of leftover triangle squares - gives me a great chance to play. I really like the two bocks you've done so far.

When I had a bunch of different sizes I made them into a medallion quilt using the Broken Dishes pattern. The smallest size made the center. Then a plain border to set them off. Then the next size around that until I ran out. Another plain border. Then a third size around that. By the time I used all the triangles I had a queen size quilt! Gave it to the kids and they use it on their bed.

Sue SA July 19, 2013  

Wow I think I would be making more of those scrappy blocks because they look great. Seems to me that your sister has given you the perfect leaders/Enders project!

Karen July 19, 2013  

I like how you and your sister both make quilts and like the same style of fabrics.

Sandy July 23, 2013  

How fun getting someone else's scraps. Its like free fabric, and sometimes all you need is that one little bit. What to do with a basket full of leftover "units" though... I still haven't figured that out!

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