Saturday, July 06, 2013

green sashed top

 Here is the green top I was talking about in the last post. It looks very grey and uninspiring, but actually appears better in real life. The setting fabric isn't as dull as these photos suggest.  I did use a mountain of green scraps in this top, but they've built up again and I could probably make another 42 blocks easily. I need another pattern that I like so I can cut them up and kit them.How many green quilts do I need?.....
I didn't show the Sawtooth stars with the border added- this is the fabric they were hanging out for. I still think this is a bit too "good" for this top, but I have enough top put it on another quilt if I want, and it's so nice to have this finished.

The top and the pieced backing  both weigh around 800g, which is about 6 metres of fabric each. Wow! That's a lot of bits to use up, especially in the pieced back. They are only 5" squares, and I couldn't believe how much sewing there was. Finally, I can pack up all the brown and move on to some other project. Anything, as long as it has a few different colours in it.
 Bye bye Brown, for a while at least....


Sandy July 07, 2013  

I love it!! But then that soft green is one of my favorite colors. Interesting, as I now realize I have very little of it in my stash. The yellow cornerstones add just the right amount of pizazz.

MJinMichigan July 09, 2013  

I love the red border fabric! Is it recent or from your stash? I'd love to buy some if it's still available.

Katie Z. July 11, 2013  

I love the green top! It doesn't look uninspiring to me!

Lori August 15, 2013  

You can never have too many green quilts!

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