Sunday, June 02, 2013

  I've been diligent and sewn together 65 sawtooth stars so far, and I'm Bored!! I want to start something else, but  I'm making myself stick with this project.

I'm soo tempted to relegate these to leader-enders and begin some fascinating new quilt, but I know I'd reach the same stage as this one and want something different. Can we say "short attention span"? So I'll plod on, but I'm looking at magazines and saved photos.....

This is the last piece of the blue leaf fabric, which is so old it's been in my stash forever. I still have it in brown, but the blue is now officially gone.
Likewise this brown repro. These fabrics were so precious when I got them, I only ever nibbled away at them and rationed them out- how awful to use them up entirely! Well I have none left now, although there may be a few bits hiding in the pre cut shapes containers.
 I have enough  points for another ten or so stars, and then I can start setting them together. I was going to make it bigger, but now I think I need to finish this before Total Revolt sets in. I certainly don't need another set of blocks lingering in the cupboard.
 And the tin won't close on these so it's best if I just get the top in one piece...

Here's Pippi in full wrap-up mode. Her head is closest to the bottom of the photo and she's got the blanket tucked well in around her. She's as warm as toast and usually snoring contentedly. The only worry is that she'll hear a car pull up outside or someone knocks at the door. Then she blindly  leaps off the bed barking and shouting warnings, and trailing the blanket out into the hallway. Sometimes with it still over her head...She's clever in some ways and not in others!


Karen June 02, 2013  

I recognize those fabrics. They have been around for a while. Wonder if I still have any. I like sewing sawtooth star blocks but, like you, any block over and over can get boring.

Sew Create It - Jane June 15, 2013  

Those sawtooth stars are so lovely...don't give up yet...this is going to be a stunning quilt once they are all together :o)

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