Sunday, June 23, 2013

These small cross blocks in two different sizes have been my Leader Enders for a while. They are very easy to piece, and I do them up to this point without even pressing them, so they just seem to fly along.
I made thirty of the smallest ones and set them together in between sewing Sawtooth stars, and then made twelve of the larger ones because that's how many pieces were cut out. Ignore the fact that there's only eleven on the design wall....
I had a plan for the setting them together which involved sewing a narrow strip around each block, which I dutifully did, and laid them out with the rest of the sashing-
And then the blasted things said "NO! We don't want that!"

So it's back to the drawing board. I'm getting sick of these projects that boss me around and tell me what they will and won't have. The Sawtooth Star was sulking about it's border, and now I've decided to give in and let it have the fabric it wants, even though I think it's too 'good' for it. I'm sick of arguing!

At least Pippi appreciates my quilts. She's supposed to be using the tiger striped blanket, the one that's cheap and easy to wash, but obviously the little lap quilt is much more to her liking. It's probably warmer and the floral border suits her, don't you think?


Sue SA June 24, 2013  

Perhaps Pippa knows that in another life she was a Tiger hunting dog in India and belonged to Royalty, hence needs Princess status quilt?

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