Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We had quite a few family commitments on the long weekend, so not as much got done as I thought. But playing card games with the crew and going for walks on the beach with all the dogs was great fun and much more important anyway. 
 I managed to get the Sawtooth Star blocks in one piece, and I'm still trying to find something for the borders, preferably from stash. The hard work is done though, and I want to quilt this one very soon, if I can.
I also began sewing the backing together. I had three leftover stars, so I added bits to make them 10" too and I'm incorporating them into the squares. This goes together so quickly; after sewing piles of 2" pieces these large blocks seem to be finished at the speed of light.
Yesterday was the wettest day we've had this year, it rained all day without stop. I took this as a sign that I needed to stay inside and sew for as long as I could stand it. At her usual walk time Pippi started to get excited, but I explained to her that it was too wet, we'd have to skip the walk today. I continued laying the 4 patches on the design wall, but when I turned around this is what I saw....
I had to actually lift her head up to get the next block out, and then she immediately laid on the pile again..."Want to go for a Walk!!"

After about five minutes of this I gave in and got my coat and we went for a spin down the road. She was so excited to be out in the wet grass, and everything smelled so good she didn't know where to go next. It only took fifteen minutes and I was glad that we went  out- I used to love walking in the rain, but perhaps I'm getting old and like being warm and dry better!


Carolyn June 12, 2013  

Taking the walk was the best could you say no to that face? She's just adorable!

Sue SA June 13, 2013  

Top and back look great! Even l would have been unable to say no to that face!

Sandy June 18, 2013  

I love your quilt! The Sawtooth Star is one of my favorite blocks, and have used it many times, but its been a while.. now I'm inspired to do some again. I'm also inspired to start piecing the backs of my quilts!

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