Saturday, April 03, 2010

I've nearly finished the extra ten Rolling Stone blocks, so I should be able to start setting them this weekend.

And I've been working on the pieced border for the Irish Waves but came to the conclusion that I have to add another row of blocks.

I originally declared it finished at this stage, even though it wasn't symmetrical. Another row would have made it square, and for some reason I don't like square quilts. This is all very well until you try to add a pieced border, and then suddenly the corners don't match and the pattern goes haywire and the planets reel off course. It just wasn't going to work.

So to make the border easy, I'm adding another row to the top. A lot of extra piecing for an 'easy' solution, but it's gone quite quickly. I've been sewing two or three pairs as Leader-Enders instead of just one, and it does mount up that way.
I'm also tackling the basket of triangle scraps. This is a tiny little container and yet there are hundreds of scraps awaiting trimming, mostly from bindings that I've made over the years. If it's vaguely triangular, the scrap gets put in here, and it was overflowing. All of those pieces on the mat are 2 3/8", so there's a whole heap more square in square blocks to be made. Just lately I've branched out and started sewing flying gees units too, just for a bit of a change, but it will take me a while to make a dent in this lot.

And here's a photo of Macca on a dead tree in the creek bed. He doesn't have much fear of heights and usually launches himself off these obstacles in a terrifying manner. Fortuneately Staffies seem to be very tough and he hasn't hurt himself yet.


julieQ April 03, 2010  

Wow, love your Irish Waves quilt! What a wonderful way for you to use all those littlest pieces.

Sew Create It - Jane April 03, 2010  

Love that quilt...such a lot of work, but the results are stunning! Any idea how you will quilt it?

Janet April 06, 2010  

Your Irish Waves is stunning, I love the colours.

Mary Johnson April 07, 2010  

It's beautiful and I know what you mean about square quilts, I don't really like them either although I have made a few queen size quilts that are square.

Meggie April 10, 2010  

Irish Waves is looking fabulous.
Brave Macca!

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