Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Rolling Stone top is in one piece and looking as pallid and washed out as I was hoping. I really wanted the vintage look of the original quilt and I think I've succeeded.
I'm trying to make a backing for it and had a pile of fabrics picked out that I thought would fit in with the sort of 'frugal farm quilt' feel of the top. I was actually really looking forward to using these fabrics and getting rid of them but when I laid them out on the bed it just looked wrong. I think some of them will be useable, but for the most part the top just went "Nuh uh, I don't like That!"

The problem is that most of the shirtings in the top are a crisp white, and the backing fabrics are cream based, so it's just looking dirty at the moment. I'll see if I can find something that doesn't appear to be filthy and then get this top quilted, I really want it on my bed soon. And I'm not sick of the block yet, it was an absolute joy to construct.

This customer quilt was huuge and it took 5 years to piece, using the English paper piecing method. When it was given to us it was wadded up in a plastic bag, without it's borders and it's owner had almost given up hope of ever finishing it.
All the cream seams needed trimming because the fabric was very thin and all of the fabric was polyester except for the floral. I had to add the borders and press it very carefully, but finally it was ready to go on the frame.

I think it turned out beautifully, and the owner was pleased to have it done after all these years. When I said that she could go home and put it on her bed she ruefully explained that she'd changed her colour scheme and now it wouldn't go with anything else! So she's going to gift it to someone in the family.

It's nice to be a part of finishing tops like this; it was too nice to be languishing in a cupboard all these years.


julieQ April 10, 2010  

Your quilt is gorgeous! I know you will find just the right backing for it. I am sure the customer quilt way exceeds her wildest dreams...glad you could bring this quilt to a conclusion.

Karen April 10, 2010  

I cut out blocks for a quilt like your Rolling Stone. It was from a Fig Tree pattern called Figgy Pudding. I hope I can construct it okay. It is made with connector corners on the squares.

Brenda April 10, 2010  

Love the rolling stone quilt. Doesn't look pallid in the photos.

The customer quilt is amazing. Love your quilting.

pdudgeon April 10, 2010  

i've got the same pattern that Karen posted about, and am looking forward to making it. And yes, Fig Tree fabrics would go great for a backing for your lovely quilt. you're an inspiration!

sewprimitive karen April 11, 2010  

Oh, Mereth, both quilts take my breath away. I can't wait to see your Rolling Stone quilted. Frugal Farm Quilt is the perfect description. And your quilting on the customer quilt is so wonderful.

Chookyblue...... April 11, 2010  

your quilt is lovely..........I do love that block......

shame about the purple quilt.........all that work and now it goes with did a beautiful job on the quilting.......

Lori April 11, 2010  

both quilts turned out beautifully. Doesn't it feel good when those really old ones get finished? I did one a while back for a friend--I know it was 50 years old.

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