Friday, April 16, 2010

The 4-patch 4-patch has a border now and I'm piecing the backing from some bits and pieces. I think there are a few bright pieces here that don't belong, but I was hoping to use up all of these 1 3/4" strips.
I roughly sorted them out into lengths and sewed pairs together, then cross-cut them into 4 1/2" segments and it went pretty quickly. Much to my disappointment there's still about a third of them left. Is it possible to use up every last skerrick, or will there always be bits left over?

The closest I ever came was this little crib quilt, made from the pastel swatches from a quilt shop. I used all but one of the coloured squares, and used up all the white on white pieces from donated scraps that I'd accumulated. I never buy either of these types of fabric, so I was really chuffed to get almost all of it removed from the scrap stash in one fell swoop. I quilted this two years ago, and I'm ashamed to say it's still not bound.

And remember I bought a little telly for the sewing room? Keryn came in the other day and said"Oh that's really great, I'm so glad the TV is being used......."
What?!! It's a multi- function model!


Karen April 16, 2010  

I tend to pile things on anything handy, too. Never tried the television, though. LOL!

Meggie April 16, 2010  

really, that is the perfect use of a telly!! Quality stuff on there, instead of the usual cr*p!!

Sue SA April 16, 2010  

I think there is a fundamental problem with trying to use up all your fabric scraps, just when you think they have disappear no matter how hard you have tried, more appear. And generally the culprit is because you have been BUYING MORE FABRIC! I have just made two scrap cot quilts to use up left over fabric, only to have to buy more fabric for borders, sashings and backings! I think its a disease, in fact I am sure of it, hope there is no cure!

Laura April 16, 2010  

Great border choice for that quilt and no, I don't think you can ever use up every little bit, but it's fun to try!

Sew Create It - Jane April 17, 2010  

Gorgeous scrap quilts...Though I have to agree with matter how much you try and empty the scrap bin it seems to multiply when you aren't looking.

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