Monday, April 26, 2010

Mary made me laugh with the pictures of her work space after she'd ransacked it. As Keryn said, I love to tidy my sewing areas and keep things fairly organised, but just lately we've been so busy that it's been a choice of tidy OR sew, and I needed to see some progress on a few projects. I've been cutting out extra pieces for about four quilts, and have trays stacked on top of trays on top of boxes. Not my usual style at all.
It came to a head this weekend when I pulled out a stack of tops that needed borders and had a huge audition session.
I had fabric piled everywhere, and tops, and sets of blocks that I thought might make interesting borders in themselves. It was very liberating just reefing out different prints and trying them on all the tops, even if it wasn't what I had in mind in the first place. In this way I made final decisions on three tops, and got lots of ideas for the others. One in particular is quite different from my original concept, but I'm really excited to finish it now.
So this week I'll be cutting up fabric and sewing borders and Tidying until everything is back to the way I like it. And hopefully there will be three (or four) new completed tops in the pile.


Meggie April 27, 2010  

What fun, having a good rummage about. I have been putting things away, in readiness for a guest, so nothing productive going on here.

sewprimitive karen April 27, 2010  

That all looks fabulous; it will be fun to see the finished quilt tops with their borders.

YankeeQuilter May 03, 2010  

Why is it borders can ransack a stash faster than pulling fabrics for a new quilttop? Can't wait to see the finished top!

julieQ May 04, 2010  

A productive ransack of the stash...what fun! I always love to see what you are working on.

Mary Johnson July 09, 2010  

I always choose sewing over cleaning up and my spaces usually reflect it but I blame it on the amount of traveling I do. When I'm home I just want to sew!

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