Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keryn and I have been completing the tops that have to be done by Christmas, and the end is in sight. These three runners were the last of six we did for a lady, and by the time we'd finished them it was the equivalent of two single bed quilts.

It was easiest to load three of them on one piece of backing fabric and do them all at once- I especially liked these tree ones. I don't know where the pattern comes from, but they look like fun.

I finished another top, made from a drawer of 2" strips that just will not go away. I'd already sewn a heap of four-patches and some rail blocks (I can't remember the date I posted about them, and I haven't sewn them together yet) and I decided to make a real effort to empty the drawer once and for all.

I made this top a while ago using a simple block pattern-
I started off planning the colours and then just threw everything in together. I was quite disappointed by how little it used up, so I started another one.

I'm calling this a Random Rail, or Crazy Maze, or something and even though I used up the leftover piano border strips in the backing, the drawer is STILL about a quarter full. What do I have to do to get rid of this particular bunch of strips? Admittedly the tops are only throw size, but I've got three of them and part of a backing from the pile, and now I'm despairing of ever seeing them all used up.. I'll put the drawer away until I can face it again, but I'm determined to show the empty container, one day.


Meggie December 15, 2009  

I have had a fabulous time catching up with all your latest posts!

Lori in South Dakota December 15, 2009  

ROFL--your container will become empty when you quit putting more stuff in it!! I am getting *better* at pushing the scraps off the end of the cutting table into a waste box. Better--not cured!

pdudgeon December 15, 2009  

love the quilts as always. even scrap quilts look great when made with fabulous fabrics.

Brenda December 16, 2009  

Given that you cant throw anything away I suspect this drawer may get more put in it again before it is empty.

Shasta Matova December 18, 2009  

I could help you out by sending you my address - that would empty the drawer completely! And keep it empty, if you were so inclined! I remember when I first started quilting, I thought I would never get enough scraps to make a quilt. Now I've got plenty to work with.

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