Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've nearly finished my push to make backings for my completed tops, I've got one more started and after that's done I'm ready to do some block piecing. Making backings is quite addictive because it uses shedloads of material, and it feels so virtuous. Metres of stuff gone, for very little effort.

I wanted to make a 'nice' backing for my Antique blocks that I finished a while back,

and I needed an extra 5" to stretch the centre fabric.

I pulled out the drawer of spare units and found enough 3" square in square blocks to piece a strip, then added a 2" striped piece to the bottom. I surrounded it with wide strips of another material and the backing was done, very simple but just a bit different.

Love that centre fabric.

I've found having a dawer full of spare units is very useful when you want to improvise a backing or a test block, or experiment with a pieced border. I can lay these out and even if they're the wrong colour it's enough to see whether the idea will work or not.

And to all those dear souls who offered to send me their little dog-ears.......I have one thing to say to you.



Michele Hill December 20, 2009  

HI Mereth, thanks for stopping by my blog and best wishes for your son's birthday too!! Love your antique blocks.......they look like those stunning tiled heritage verandahs

Jan Mac December 20, 2009  

Lovely ideas for backings and a great way to bust some stash too.
Hugs Jan Mac

pdudgeon December 25, 2009  

Merry Christmas, Mereth!
Hope the New Year brings lots of new fabric, quilt customers, and a boatload of exciting travels.

Meggie December 29, 2009  

I wish you Good Health & Joy for the year 2010! I love your innovative backings. As well as your wonderful fronts, of course!

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