Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keryn mentioned on her blog that she was saving the little trimmed off dog-ears for me and that I would tell you what I do with them. I'm not crazy enough to sew with them, but I found that even though I put them in the bin (mostly) they seemed to drift around, being tracked into other rooms, getting stuck to the fabric I was working with, even being sewn into seams if I wasn't paying attention. So I decided to put them all in one little bin to keep them together, and then throw them all away when it got full.

But then I thought, why not put them in a container and see how long it took to fill it up, and so I hunted around. I'd bought these bear jars a while ago- they originally contained Eta peanut butter, - and kept some buttons in them.

(I'm going to change the white ones, because the bear's features don't show up really well.) These two are Koala bears by the way, but everyone knows a koala is not a bear at all....

Keryn found a large bear jar in a second hand shop, and even though he's quite ugly I bought him, because they don't show up that often. I decided he'd be the Keeper of the Ears, and started putting the bits in there, but it's taking an awful long time.

He's not even half full yet, and I've been doing this for quite a while!

He's not a small bear, as shown by this 12" ruler, and Keryn is trying to contribute as much as she can to help out. I fully expect this to take a few years, but who's in a rush?

I have the next jar lined up, a granny bear, with spectacles, hair in a bun and knitting to boot. If only she'd been sewing it would be perfect.


sewprimitive karen December 10, 2009  

Koala bear jars. Those are really cute. Guess they might not be as prevalent here in the U.S. :-)

antique quilter December 10, 2009  

love those jars! ok so should i start saving mine too and send them to you?

Quiltbirdie December 10, 2009  

I save my "ears" as well. I saw one of Georgia Bonesteel's tv shows a few years ago that was filmed in her home studio (I guess that's where she films all her shows). Anyway, she had a number of very tall jars full of ears and they were colorful and interesting, so I decided to do it too. I don't have very much yet, either! Maybe I'll blog about mine, too.

pdudgeon December 10, 2009  

that's a great idea. i love those jars, they're so cute!

Pam in KC December 11, 2009  

Cute jars. But how do you get the peanut butter out of the bear features? I have enough problem scraping a smooth jar free of all the peanut butter!

floribunda December 11, 2009  

I wonder what I would have to write on the customs declaration form as "description" if I sent you a parcel of fabric ears...

Dineke December 11, 2009  

I love your jars. I must confess, I have a jar with the little remains of DMC treads. After more than 10 years it still isn't full. And by the layers I can tell which projects the cuts are from LOL

julieQ December 14, 2009  

Now, I save a lot...but I am not going to save those!! I admire yours, though...and cute jars!

Karen January 04, 2012  

I had to jump back and read what the scraps in the jar were all about. Interesting. I am relieved to know you aren't going to try sewing them. LOL! You could use them for stuffing in a little pillow though.

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