Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't think I posted a picture of the quilt that was on the frame in Keryn's picture here. I started it many years ago when I was preganant with Matt (that makes it at least 20 years- yikes)and I can't remember the name. I only set the blocks together 2 years ago, so it was a long time in the finishing, and now it's been taken off the frame half-done, (thank goodness for zippers), so that an urgent quilt can be finished.

Isn't it strange how you can be cruising along thinking you know where everything's headed and then life decides to change?

I'd been enjoying Second son Rob's visits with fiance Elisa and the ever lovable Curtis - he lives in Adelaide 200k away, but she lives in our old hometown just 25k from here. So he visited quite regularly, and it was nice to have them drop in.

But now he's moving to Newcastle, which is about 1500k from here, to start a new job. There won't be any more 'drop in' visits, and when Elisa moves over to join him next year there won't be any more Curtis stories either. Double bummer!

He's driving over, and planned to do it non-stop and alone, which sent me into a tail-spin. I'm not a very protective mother, I believe in letting them get on with their lives and not interfering. Sometimes they tell me of incidents that I would have worried about, but since everything turned out ok (or they wouldn't be telling me), it makes no sense to get upset after the fact.
But Rob is a diabetic, and one who doesn't really display warning signs of a 'low' until he's well and truly in it. And then, because low blood sugar affects your reasoning processes, sometimes he's a bit disorientated about what to do.

He's been a diabetic since he was 11, so he knows the ropes pretty well. Twice he's been so low he had seizures and had to be hospitalised, something I hope never happens again.Over the years he's told me stories of monster lows that I knew nothing about- the time when he was out walking with friends (exercise makes blood sugar go down) and got so low that they had to drag him bodily into a shop to get some food for him, and the owner refused to serve him because she thought he was drunk.

Or the time someone at Uni found him wandering around and, thankfully, took him to the nurses station because he was so confused.... The sad thing is some people do think the confusion and staggering and being unable to say what's wrong means someone drunk or on drugs.
I'm not over-reacting when I feel anxiety about him driving all this way on his own as well as navigating and remembering to eat enough to keep concious. So.... I'm going with him. I'll be away until Sunday, and then I'll be home, wondering where I was and what was I doing? Send safe thoughts for us!

Oh well, at least the other two are settled.... what's that? Matt and the dogs are moving back home for a while?! O....K..... I guess it really is miserable out at Bowman's Park in the middle of winter and it will be nice having such a good cook around and I do love seeing the dogs every day....

And that leaves just the First-Born son, good dependable John just cruising along....... until I get this phone call two days ago. "Hi Mum, I'll see you on Wednesday won't I? Great, I can say good-bye before I fly out to America...."

WHATTT!!!! Apparently his work is flying him to America for two months and he doesn't even know where he's going yet. He'll live in some hotel and do the work he's doing here, ...but on the other side of the world.
So All my sons have pulled a whammy on me in the last few weeks and have taken new directions, how funny. I'll get back on Sunday and Rob will be in Newcastle, John will be in America, and hopefully Matt will have the coffee on and Bacon Wrapped Jalopeno Thingies waiting for me. I'm going to need them.


Donna July 23, 2008  

think of it as a job well done -- all the sons launched and independant :-)

Mary Johnson July 23, 2008  

Moving to Minneapolis a year and a half ago put a lot of distance between me and my sons too. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the vacation we just got home from - 10 days with them - the most time we've spent together in a couple years (or more).

Does Rob wear a medic alert bracelet for his diabetes?

sewprimitive karen July 23, 2008  

Good notion about the bracelet that Mary mentioned. It's exciting to have adult sons going off in all directions! Your quilt is so beautiful, I love everything you make!

elisepearson July 24, 2008  

Good energy to you with all these changes going on. America's not such a bad place, even if it is big, and very far from Australia. (I live in California.) I love reading your accounts of life and quilting over there.

meggie July 28, 2008  

I am glad you are going with your son to Newcastle. At least you can make sure he is ok, & it will set your mind at rest. Do you have to drive back alone, or are you going by bus, or train?
Life does tend to throw us curve balls!

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