Sunday, July 06, 2008

My sewing table is a mess at the moment, because I've been auditioning fabrics for some sets of blocks. I've finished quite a few old projects lately- to the top stage anyway, and now I want to pick three more things to work on. It took me hours yesterday morning, and some time today to make my decisions, and I have stacks of rejected fabric to put back in the drawers. I think I know where I'm headed now, and I've worked out the setting plans on graph paper so I know what to cut and how much fabric I need. I'm ready to go!
I keep sets of blocks in these pizza boxes, or deep egg boxes, and my goal is to have some empty ones soon.

Yesterday I got the borders on this top, which I call Double Reel. These blocks weren't old, but they used old fabric from the 80's, so I'm pleased to get them all out of my stash.

I really like the little stepstool from Ikea, I plan to buy another one for the workshop because it's nice and solid and we both need a little help in the height area.
The stained glass shot....
I've been knitting a stole at night, my own pattern, using a shetland lace stitch called Madiera and Diamond and an edging I thunk up. I bought this gorgeous merino 2 ply laceweight last year at the Sydney show, and I realised I wasn't going to have enough to make the stole the length I wanted.
After a bit of searching I found the supplier in New Zealand, and was able to secure another skein. The colours look a great match but I'll work alternate rows for a while to blend the two dyelots together. I've really enjoyed this knitting, I adore lace, but I'm rather slack at blocking it afterwards. I've got two lace shawls in the cupboard waiting, and I might have to treat myself to some blocking wires soon. Can't handle all that pinning.


loulee July 06, 2008  

Nice quilt.
Being vertically challanged I understand the need for steps, Hunney laughs at me when I scoot off for my step, just to reach a new bag of sugar! LOL

Melinda July 07, 2008  

I have a blocking wire tip: Go to a welding supply store and buy stainless steel tig rods. They come in a variety of sizes - I bought 16 mm. I got a pound of them (32 or so in number) for $22 (US), much cheaper than official blocking wires.

meggie July 07, 2008  

Your top looks great! Very unusual blocks.
I love your knitting, & am fascinated with Melinda's tip!
When I made porcelain dolls, I used conduit fittings from electrical shops. It is surprising how enterprising we women can be, at solving problems- & money!
I am not that short, but I need steps too!

Days and colors July 07, 2008  

My table is always a mess!!!If it is tidy, that means I'm sick and can't sew...I was surprised to see that your top is a stained glass one! I couldn't see it in the first photo! Your knitting is pretty, I like the colour and the pattern!

sewprimitive karen July 07, 2008  

Always enjoy your stained glass shots :-). It's so satisfying to pull out old projects and to plot and plan with them, isn't it? I've been doing the same thing lately. How do you use blocking wires?

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