Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been handsewing my vintage rosettes at night and they go together surprisingly quickly. I've got enough made for another three rows and I think I might try hexagon borders to bring this out to a large single bed size. But I might be sick of it completely by then, so I won't commit myself.
I was going through some tiny boxes that I'd put in a cupboard and forgotten, and look what I found- More hexagons! There was one little block in there, but this will be incorporated straight into the vintage project, even if some of the fabrics are only 10 years old. That's close enough to vintage for me! My sewing room is always throwing these little surprises at me, will I ever know what is in every nook and cranny? I'm being good and pressing all my seam allowances as I go along, so I don't end up like Keryn, and have to iron for hours later on.
I'm fascinated by the patterns that seam allowances make when they fan out like this, so neat and precise. And yes, when hand piecing I trim each seam as soon as I've sewn it; takes but a second and I never have hairy backs.
These hexagons are 3/4" along one side by the way. I love the old fabrics, there's a pink gingham on the right that is a scrap of Mum's- we had sunbonnets made from it as babies. And some of our teenage sewing scraps from sundresses and skirts and dancing dresses; even if I didn't like the quilt for itself I'd love it for all the memories it will hold.


Donna July 15, 2008  

the back of the hexagons makes a wonderful pattern -- but the colours aren't nearly as nice as hte front :-)

loulee July 15, 2008  

Loks really pretty. Lots of wonderful memories too.

Deb Robertson Writes July 15, 2008  

Hi Merith
If you visit my blog you will see I have given you an award. Congratulations!
deb :)

Anonymous,  July 15, 2008  

I love hexagons. I think your top looks lovely.

Harmany Quilting July 15, 2008  

I was very interested to see that you do not use papers for piecing hexagons - maybe when I grow up I'll be able to do that. The top looks so wonderful.
Nicola in West Australia

Cornfield Quilter July 16, 2008  

What a wonderful quilt full of memories! Now, will you quilt this one by hand?

meggie July 16, 2008  

Oh I so love the idea of all the memories in this quilt!
Perish the thought, we should have hairy backs!!
I found some orphans today. I had completely forgotten them...I think I am worried...

julieQ July 19, 2008  

Your hexagon quilt is so pretty! From a distance, the colors blend and dance so nicely. I have one in the making too, but not nearly as far along as you are. I am using the English paper piecing method. How wonderful you remember some of the fabrics from your childhood.

Malagueta July 21, 2008  

Lovely. The back is so wonderful on its own. It might be tempting to make it twice (in smaller version) so that one could be inside out.

Rose Marie July 25, 2008  

I'm planning on making a hexagon quilt as well and, like you, have planned on not using paper. Are you using a pen to mark your seams? So glad that you showed your back for guidance.

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