Sunday, May 11, 2008

Many years ago on Mothers Day Matthew went to visit a friend. Soon he was back and asked "Can I have $15 and I'll buy you a great Mother's Day present!!Pleease!!" Well, us mothers can see the flaw in that proposal, but I was intrigued and it was nice that he thought of me, even if I did have to foot the bill. So back to the friend's place he went with the money, and struggled home later with this machine, which incidentally weighs nearly 40 lb. Portable it's not.

But it's in beautiful condition, and must have been very expensive when it was new. It has three levels for the feed dogs, a lovely 'Zig Zag' stitch and has an extra single hole throat plate which makes it piece very nicely.
The motor is so quiet you can barely hear it, and altogether sewing on my "Princess" is thoroughly enjoyable. And Matt was right, it made a great Mother's Day present!
I can't show some of the sayings on the birthday quilt because they have personal information and one of them includes an address, but here are two more I loved.
There must be a story behind that one....and our Mum used to say this all the time, whenever something astonished or exasperated her beyond the usual. And I did love the "Good Lord You Can Hoard" one that Keryn showed on her blog. Yep, that would be on my 80th birthday quilt too!


loulee May 11, 2008  

What a thoughtful and wonderful gift.

Thanks for showing more of the stitcheries, they sound fantastic. She must have been a wonderful woman, who led an extraordinary life.

sewprimitive karen May 13, 2008  

Sons are the greatest, as loulee says, they are very thoughtful.

julieQ May 13, 2008  

What a wonderful gift! Funny story, too.about borrowing the money for your gift. Your quilt is great!

meggie May 16, 2008  

What a lovely son. He knew just what you would love, & though you footed the bill, his heart was definitely in the right place. Loved seeing more of the quotes.

Lynn Dykstra May 18, 2008  

These quilt sayings are wonderful--the family must have had so much fun coming up with them.
I love how you quilted it.

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