Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've been desperately trying to get this top in one piece, in between my other sewing. (That would be the sewing for Customers). I can't believe how much stitching was in this pieced sashing, it seemed to go on for ever. (Andrea from Welsh Quilter is going to do a pieced Flying Geese sashing, be warned my dear!)

Then this morning as I thought I was on the last seam I discovered I needed a whole outside section and had to piece that before I could call it quits. The blocks went together so quickly, and I've probably spent more sewing time actually putting it together. But finally the main section is done and I just have to put borders on it and add it to the pile. And cross it off my list of old UFO's, that will be the best part!
It was our patchwork group meeting on Monday, and a lady was giving away stuff she no longer wanted. Amongst the pile was this old quilted bonnet, made by her Aunt Mary Clarke.
It's a very simple pattern, a straight seam up the back and the corner turned down over it, like the little tuck you put to give fullness in bags. There are ties sewn inside and out, and the brim is padded and quilted in a crosshatch pattern. I just adore bonnets, especially the ones that were made to lie flat so that you could iron them after washing. They are usually so simple, yet they look wonderful.
I'm always reminded of Laura and Mary in the Little House on The Prarie * books, and how Laura hated to keep her bonnet on.This article was such an essential of female attire and so many variations exist; I'd love to collect them but they don't come up much here. I have a few patterns and one day I'd like to make them, and who knows, I might even wear them in the garden!!
Here, modelled by the lovely Keryn, is Aunt Mary Clarke's Dutch bonnet, not the most flattering of head gear, but it would certainly stop you getting sunburnt.
*(Oh, and sorry if this offends anyone, but I can't stand the tv series of LHOTP. The books are one of the pivotal reading events of my life, and Keryn's. Loved them to bits as children, and still read them every few years, just to say hello)


keryn May 01, 2008  

I think I look like Darth Vader's Granny in this. But it's very effective for shading the face.

Andrea May 01, 2008  

Thanks for the warning - lol ! BUT my sashing is not as geesey ( ? ) as yours. However I am getting a teensy bit fed up already. Your quilt looks wonderful though - well worth the extra effort. What a great bonnet ! I absolutely do not suit hats - my mum always says they look like a thimble on a roll of cheese - lol - thanks mum. I think I will make one of these just to mortify my kids :-)

Carol May 02, 2008  

What a wonderful quilt and I love the colors! I check your blog almost every day because I love the quilts that you make. I made the Feathered Cross quilt that you showed last year on your blog and it is by far the most favorite quilt I have made. Thank you so much for the quilts that you show on your blog. They truly inspire me!

Carol May 03, 2008  

Good evening. My Feathered Cross quilt has been posted on my blog. Take a look if you have the time.
I hope I did the pattern justice.
Have a great weekend!

Lindah May 03, 2008  

Neat bonnet. I have to agree with you regarding the tv LHOTP. But the books were read repeatedly when the children were little. I looked forward to reading them to my grands, but they are 2600 miles away. Too bad.hmm, maybe I'll just re-read them for myself.

Karen May 03, 2008  

The quilt you have been working on is very, very good. I like the design & color choices.

ForestJane May 06, 2008  

I like the little stars used to connect the flying geese blocks in the sashing... but you're right, it's a lot more labor intensive! The finished project is sooo worth it though. ;)

meggie May 08, 2008  

Great reading, catching up with all your posts, since I have been away.

Ivory Spring May 08, 2008  

Beautiful quilt top so far! Keep up the good work! :)

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