Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I finished two tops on the weekend, so I did get some of my own sewing done. It felt good to get the borders on this one, and I've got the backing fabric ready to piece. I have to wait to get customer quilts done before I can quilt it- why won't someone pay me to quilt my own tops? I guess it doesn't work like that....

Even though this was so long in the making, years and years, I love how the right fabrics all came together. Sometimes I think it pays to wait, I didn't have much fabric choice when I originally started this one.

This is a customer quilt, intended as a baby gift. Boy or girl- who knows, but either would love this vibrant happy quilt.

And the amazing thing is it's all made out of the much maligned sheeting I referred to in an earlier post. It just shows that design can overcome humble materials, and make something beautiful anyway.

The panto is one called Chinese Crescents and looks nice and swirly, like some of those snake's tails!
We used a variegated thread called Rainbow Swirls, perfect for all the bright colours.Those numbers, by the way, are stick on felt- what a clever idea.


loulee May 21, 2008  

The best things are worth waiting for.

Cornfield Quilter May 22, 2008  

I absolutely love your quilt! All I can say is you are my "quilter" hero. :D

Rose Marie May 30, 2008  

I remember those fabric days when there wasn't much choice .... we are so spoiled nowadays. Love the quilt!

meggie June 01, 2008  

I love that quilt! Fine post, Mereth!

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