Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is it with these BIG quilts? We seem to have had a spate of them, and now I'm longing for a nice little lap quilt, or a crib cover with ducklings on it. A quilt that doesn't measure in triple digits.....But you'd be mad to do those on a domestic machine, and that's why we're getting them all, I suppose!
This log cabin was full of pretty fabrics and proved very nice to work on, if you discount the size. The panto is one of Keryn's, called "Bramble" and looks lovely and feminine, and it breaks up the straight lines of the block very well.

This huge candlewick top is still on the frame, but it should be finished today. Keryn has designed lots of lovely motifs for this, which should be useful as there are apparently three more coming our way if we do a good job on this one!I'm really suffering from not being able to sew for myself in the last week or so. My sewing room is my haven, my refuge, my sanctuary, and I've been too busy to do more than just visit it forlornly, and then walk out again. I simply must have a day in there soon, or I'll go nuts. I don't say that lightly either, for nearly 25 years my sewing room has been the most important room in the house, and has kept me going through some very traumatic times. It is a necessary part of my existence, believe me!

Because I have nothing new to show you, I'll offer this picture of my own Wild Goose Chase. Keryn's is hanging on the stand, mine is on the floor. Keryn forgot that I actually sewed a few of the blocks in her quilt, all those years ago. I enjoyed the pattern so much that I cut out my own blocks , and laboured away for a few years myself. My blocks didin't have the checkered history that hers did, and apart from getting sick of them nothing much happened. I eventually finished them during one Olympics and set them with a slightly greenish solid fabric; then it disappereared into the Quilt Cupboard, along with the rest of my tops. I'd almost forgotten it until I dragged it out to compare with Keryn's: now I've made the backing and it's waiting in the pile to be loaded onto the machine.

I think when the candlewick quilt is done we'll give ourselves the present of a day spent in our own sewing rooms, and then I might have some new project to blog about, finally. I was getting mighty sick of the Hired Man's top entry, so you must have been too!


Donna February 20, 2008  

I've always thought the downside of a quilting business was making time for one's own quilting -- and still enjoying it! Hope you're able to soon create some space in your life for a mental health day.

Harmany Quilting February 20, 2008  

Sick of the hired man's quilt? - never. I too get to quilt what I call 'Mother(s).......' Are people sleeping in bigger beds or are we just lucky and get all the 'mothers' - they earn me good money, as I remind myself.


Shadow's Quilting February 20, 2008  

Hello Mereth...Any chance of some photos of the finished candlwick quilt please? I have had a couple through my business (Gammill Optimum) and would love to see some of the ideas that other quilters have come up with. I am very much in the country and without the internet I would have no hope of seeing what else is happening in the quilting world. Thankyou for yours and Keryns blogs, they are always interesting and enjoyable. Shaz

Mary Johnson February 20, 2008  

I'm so ready to work on some of my own stuff too. I've been trying to get caught up with the HeartStrings tops and my stuff just keeps getting pushed to the back of the line even though most of mine are donations too.

I think I'm going to have to schedule my own stuff in without feeling guilty.

Have fun in your sewing room!

Henrietta February 20, 2008  

Glad you are back, I was beginning to suffer from Oz withdrawal symptoms!

Now I have to scoot over to Golden Threads and examine Bramble.

loulee February 21, 2008  

Go for it, have a day off and spend some time on your own quilts.
The flying goose chase quilts look great.

meggie February 21, 2008  

Well, it would seem the drought is over!
I am thinking of having a complete blogging break. Not sue yet.

Love seeing your quilts, & ideas. I am sure I would till have to sneak looks at my fav blogs!

AJMC June 22, 2008  

No one would begrudge you for having a day to yourself. I feel very shaky if I don't make time for sewing, therefore things can suffer if I don't get my "fix".
Love the "Wild goose chase" with your permission I'd like to give it a shot with fabrics that will be coming my way in an online group swap of civil war fabrics. That ultramarine/turqoise fabric is a stunner!

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