Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Quilt is finished and off the frame; we only have to clip some ends on the back and it's ready for the owner to pick up. I'm very happy to have this done, I really wasn't sure if we'd put in enough quilting, and whether our decision to avoid the embroidery altogether would work. It's not as heavily quilted as I usually like, but the embroidery needs to be the main focus here.

I took these photos without a flash, so the stitching of both kinds would show up, but the colour is darker than in real life. I've called it the 'Pavlova" quilt, because it looks like a meringue, the fabric has a soft glossy sheen, it's gently swirly and poofy and the cream lace looks like the crisped edges browned in the oven. Ok, don't look at me like that, these little flights of fancy help me through the long hours of standing there slaving over the machine and wondering if the quilt is ever going to end.....
Funnily enough it's harder to put 'less' quilting in than you think, and the border had to be simply done so it wouldn't pull the whole thing in. I think Keryn did a wonderful job coming up with the designs, and when the next candlewick monster comes in at least we'll be prepared!
This morning I relaxed and did a little bit o' this......

and a little bit o' that........
and had a smidgeon of.....
Hmmm, let's not say anything to Keryn about that last one, I swore I bought it to give to Matt!


Shadow's Quilting February 21, 2008  

Thankyou so much for the candlewick pics Mereth. It looks lovely. Well done to you both. :-)

Donna February 21, 2008  

your quilting really highlights the beauty of the embroidery work. Well done!

Harmany Quilting February 21, 2008  

It all looks so lovely - you can have the chocolate though. Oops Matt can. Got to keep your figure up!

Tazzie February 21, 2008  

Ohhh my goodness Mereth, it's absolutely stunning! I love the quilting in the border especially, you've done a wonderful job!

tirane93 February 22, 2008  

that border quilting is phenominal! absolutely the best pattern choice to go with the embroidered blocks. congratulations on getting it finished and doing it so well!

Jeanne February 22, 2008  

Your "Pavlova" quilt is so beautiful!
The quilting is perfect! Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

meggie February 22, 2008  

Agree with everyone else, it is stunning, & just perfect for the embroidery.

Hmm Turkish Delight... Gom's favourite.

Andrea February 22, 2008  

It is gorgeous ! How I wish I could nip over and have my quilting done by you and Keryn. Turkish Delight is my favourite stuff - especially Cadburys. I also like fruit and nut, double choc, etc etc lol !

loulee February 24, 2008  

Stunning job, fantastic. You deserve the chocs after that.

Henrietta February 28, 2008  

IS that Cadburys? It is difficult to get Cadburys here although much easier than it was 30 years ago when I first got here. Never seen Turkish delight though. Drool on the keyboard so hard to wipe up.

I have to tell you I was in Sioux Falls South Dakota last year and was stunned to see Weetabix on a grocery store shelf except they call it Weetbix. Tastes the same. I bought half a suitcase home and would have turned my nose up when I lived in UK. Is this advancing senility?

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