Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The top is nearly done, I've only got to add two long sashing pieces on the sides, so I'll have to make 14 more square in square units. There are 120 in the blocks, and 42 in the sashing, so that makes162 all together- phew!

It's a bit busy, but I really enjoyed making this. It went together so quickly, now if I can just get it quilted as well I'd feel like I'd accomplished something good.

Now, on to the checkerboard blocks that I was going to set before I got so obsessed.
Who's a gorgeous boy?


YankeeQuilter March 28, 2007  

That cerainly did come together fast! Do you sleep?!

It looks great congrats!


meggie March 29, 2007  

Nice work, lovely quilt.
And of course, the Gorgeous boy!

Darlene March 30, 2007  

Oh my I love this quilt! I don't think it's busy at all.

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