Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm making slow progress on this one.
The blocks are done and all trimmed - what a horrible job. Because the chenille is so thick you really have to press on the cutter to get through it and my wrists are complaining now. Grumble grumble!

I've started laying them out on my spare bed next to the sewing machine, and I'll begin sewing the rows together today. I wouldn't use my old Singer for this, and after seeing all the fluff that's collected on the Janome (not the 6500, that's too precious) I'm glad I made that decision.

Yes, I've got a few machines to choose from, but they're all horses for courses. One for piecing, one for quilting, one for general sewing, one to take to workshops, one for.....just because.
This is the latest horse in the stable, but it's not really mine.Keryn bought this on Ebay, and as the seller lived only 200k away she had them send it here instead. I'll look after it (oh, if I HAVE to!) until she can come and pick it up on one of her visits. At last, a Featherweight in the family. Coffee cup added for scale.
This is the machine I take to our patchwork meetings, a gorgeous little elna. Very light and easy to transport, and again bought off ebay.It's over 30 years old, but still sews like a dream and came with all it's attachments intact. Coffee cup added for scale.


Helen March 07, 2007  

Ooh, pretty little elna lotus! They are great for taking out. Wish I had one. And I'd like one of those 'just because' ones as well!

Darlene March 09, 2007  

I have two projects to do with chenille and while they are very pretty I dread having to cut that messy chenille. Maybe your project will inspire me. Sigh!

Love those machines - that Elna Lotus is darling and of course who can resist a featherweight!

YankeeQuilter March 10, 2007  

I left my featherweight in the US at my Mom's house...what was I thinking! I miss it so much.

Good luck with the chenille...I think I still have a bag of it hidden somewhere in my sewing room!

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