Friday, March 16, 2007

The chenille quilt is finally done, quilted and bound, finished.I haven't vacuumed the mess off the floor and cleaned the machines out, but when I do I'll be glad to see the end of this project. My wrists and hands are hurting from the struggle and I'm looking forward to doing some normal sewing, and something for ME. I've missed my projects.

I pieced the back from some vintage material I had and didn't want, a pink dot and a stripe and a little bit of floral leftover from the front.

Mac has taken to the bathtub, he scrambles in himself, and waits for Matt to fill it up.He has a plastic chicken that he chases around in there, but I'm looking for a rubber duckie, I think that will be more appropriate. After drinking an inordinate amount of the bathwater...

he pulls the plug himself.

Matt has taught him to Sit, Lie Down, Stay and Shake Hands. Amazing what bribery will do,(usually a little bit of cheese)


keryn March 16, 2007  

He must be the cleanest puppy ever! I presume he does things to get dirty enough to warrant such extravagant bathing habits. Pulling the plug is just the cutest thing!

It will be interesting to see what you work on first, having got rid of the chenille monstosity. It does look nice, and must be very tactile and cuddly, but I doubt I will ever make one.

Fiona March 16, 2007  

Though it was undoubtedly a pain to make, the quilt looks great. You could think of it as a public service - you've pioneered chenille for the rest of us and now we won't touch it with a bargepole!

Karen March 17, 2007  

That's so darling how he pulls out the plug; what a cute picture!

YankeeQuilter March 17, 2007  

Teh tub photos are just too cute! When we lived in Georgia we had a little plastic wading pool for my dog MacBeth. If it was too hot out he would sit in the middle and bark until we filled it with water!

Glad to hear the chenille is behind you. It does look great!

Sue March 18, 2007  

Ha, it figures that Mac would discover the bathtub!

Thanks for the warning about chenille. I'll add that to the warning about Minky(or is it Minkee?) that I got from a quilting buddy. Bummer, though, I really like the feel of both.

Happy Valley Quilter March 21, 2007  

Wonderful quilt (love the pieced back) and funny dog. :-)

meggie March 21, 2007  

Lovely post about the dog! How clever is he!
Love the quilt too, but would never want to work with chenille.

Mary March 21, 2007  

YES! You're right it was your blog that I read about the dog in the batting - I couldn't remember where I'd read it and it was RIGHT after reading it that Chesty decided he'd attack my new batting roll. I'm just glad he at the ends and not at the fold where I wouldn't have been able to use it.

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