Monday, March 05, 2007

This is an unusual sight!
I was visiting a friends house and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the car covered in quilts. But she explained that she was sick of the car getting so dusty, so she covered it up to keep it cleaner......

She maintains they are just old things, but I still felt it a bit of a sacrilege, especially considering the red dust here stains fabric and isn't easy to wash out. But they're her quilts so I suppose she can do what she wants with them.

On the chenille front yes, it's a PIG to work with! Accuracy is not something you can maintain because it all slides and shifts, and even the edge of the seam ends up all tufty and shaggy, so you can't sew a quarter inch seam allowance. I'm gritting my teeth and pushing the stuff through, but I won't be accepting any more of these projects! Too many bad words sewn into this one already. (Yes, I swear at my sewing if it won't behave)

Matt and Mac have gone to stay at a friends house and I haven't seen them much- I think I miss the dog more than the son-is that bad? I think Mac's supposed to grow about two inches taller and the book says he'll put on 4 more kilos, but he's only 4 months old so I think he'll be bigger than that. Every time I see him he's grown, and I always get a lovely welcome when he realises it's Mum visiting him. What time wasters puppies and babies are! I could watch them for hours.
The other night Mac was fast asleep when he heard the bag rustle as Matt gave Jessie a puppy treat. He stretched up and got one himself and then went straight back to sleep- he just didn't want to miss out.


Sue March 06, 2007  

I have to agree, it does seem like a sacrilege to use quilts for car covers, it makes me flinch just to see it!
Hope you're having some better weather there, ours is still about the same, lots of snow.

YankeeQuilter March 07, 2007  

I have bought several vintage quilts from the most unusual was used to cover a table at at a gunshow, one was covering a car in a garage and I went to the door and asked if it was for sale (my Dh couldn't believe I even spoted the quilt since we were going 50 MPH on the highway!) I look at it as quilt rescue....

Helen March 07, 2007  

Well that's original. First time I've seen quilts used to keep the car cleaner. Personally I don't bother with cleaning the car unless I really have to (usually if I'm taking quilters on a trip away!). It doesn't even make my list of priorities most of the time.

Patti March 08, 2007  

Sacrilege - yes! Why not use an ancient bedspread of blanket. These quilts deserve to be rescued.

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