Saturday, March 10, 2007

Son Matt has been staying with a friend who is the caretaker of a local park. It was an old homestead that was left to the public and it's a gorgeous place, with a winding creek and many splendid gum trees, and the ruins of the old stone buildings.

The caretaker lives in a house on the grounds, and it's no wonder Matt's been spending so much time out there, being able to hike all over the hills and explore to his hearts content.

I was getting sick of not having the camera though, whenever I wanted to blog about something it was always with Matt. So I bit the bullet and allowed him to choose the camera he wanted (photography is his interest), and I could get to have the old one back. I'm perfectly happy with what it does, but Matt really wanted to take it further.

I don't think the camera has been off his shoulder since he got it, which is fortunate, because the other day he went outside (at the park) and something raced out from under the house. He immediately started taking photos, and this is what it was.....

This is a goanna, and it must have been at least 4' long. They have beautiful markings and wicked curved claws, which as you can see are perfect for climbing trees.Matt couldn't believe his luck, he has two videos of it making it's way to the top of this tree, which is a very large gum. I think you can see how high it was in this photo.

He wouldn't have had a hope with the old camera, and the zoom on this is amazing.The closeups were all taken from the same spot as the tree one, and the detail is incredible.

So he's one happy camper, and I can hardly wait to see what else he comes up with.

On the chenille front, the top is done, but I won't post a picture until the quilting's done, because it won't change all that much. Just let it be said that chenille is not my Friend, nor do I want to renew it's acquaintance. Not a nice sewing experience. But on that note, what is YOUR worst sewing experience?Mine is not the chenille, but a job I took on for my brother who is a Tech Teacher. He wanted 40 denim lab aprons for his school, and that was a nightmare, metres and metres of stuff like canvas, multiple layers and top stitching....Many Many broken needles and much cursing went into that little lot. Never again. Well Keryn, I can think of what your 'Never Again!!!' moment was, does anyone else have them?


keryn March 10, 2007  

Fantastic photos by Matt, absolutely brilliant. I've never come face to face with a goanna that large in the wild. They are prehistoric looking.

I will mention my 'worst ever' sewing job in my next blogpost.

Glad that the chenille is on the way to being a memory...

Fiona March 10, 2007  

What fabulous photographs. The nearest thing we would ever see in the UK is a tiny little newt.

YankeeQuilter March 11, 2007  

Great photos...what kind of camera? That is a very scarey/prehistoric looking animal!

Worst sewing job ever was a tent for an entomology project. They needed a tent that would wrap around a tree, and be about 8 feet on each side. Huge pieces netting going through an ancient sewing machine. I thought of it as the bridle dress from H*##. I was however while I was at university and paid well so I didn't complain too much!

Nina Johansson March 11, 2007  

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. I have been browsing yours for a while, and you have some wonderful quilts here. I´m not a quilter, but I admire your lovely work. You must have heaps of patience to be able to stitch all those pieces together, I would never be able to do it.
And the stories and pics about your dogs had me laughing so hard, they are gorgeous. Thanks for the entertainment!

The Calico Cat March 12, 2007  

One of those scared the CR@P out of me on Lizard Island... I knew where it was going, but it moved by the time I was returning - I was on top of it before it moved... I jumped and squeeled like a school girl!

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