Saturday, March 04, 2006

This is my latest scrap project. I was looking at Bonnie's star quilt made with Indian Hatchet blocks and wondered what would happen if I just sewed a triangle across one corner. Four of them rotated with the triangles to the centre make a sort of fancy Bowtie.

I used 3.5 " squares with a 2" square for the flippy corner; the block ends up 6" but would also work in 4.5" squares and a 2.5" corner, to finish at 8".

This must be one of the most mindless blocks to sew, it goes very fast and is perfect for chain piecing. I used lots of little odds and sods bits that were clogging up various containers, but even though I made it 9 x 11 (99 blocks) there doesn't seem to be any appreciable difference in my scraps, there never is. Just once I'd like to see an empty space after I'd finished a quilt, but the leftover material just seems to shuffle in to fill up any gaps.

I'll probably put a border on this and give it to my son Matt as his tv watching quilt. He's using an Ocean Waves quilt I made about 6 years ago, and it's definitely the worse for wear. ( As I write this he's asleep on the lounge underneath the air-conditioner with the quilt wrapped around him. I don't know how he can stand it, I'm too hot with a t-shirt on. Guess he must love the quilt!


dot March 05, 2006  

I like this quilt. Very interesting.

Patti March 05, 2006  

What a marvelous scrappy quilt. And what a great way to use up little bits of fabrics. I knew I was saving them for something! I need to add this to my mile-long list of "want to makes".

Lucy March 05, 2006  

Ohh my , this is a beauty again !!

Anonymous,  March 05, 2006  

I like this one - from a distance, it looks like circles! My children do exactly the same thing - put on the fans and aircon and then wrap themselves up in quilts! They all like to feel "cuddly" I guess :-)

Alena March 05, 2006  

What a beauty, such a simple pattern and it turns out really gorgeous, I love the colors...

Evelyn aka Starfishy March 06, 2006  

I had to look really hard to "see" bowties - I SEE circles! How cool is that - a circle quilt using all straight edges. I like it!



Catherine March 06, 2006  

This is really looks so complex for such a simple block. I wonder how it would look not to have the same fabric for the corners...?

Laura March 07, 2006  

I really like this quilt. I also see the circles before seeing the bowties. Really simple but beautiful!

Bonnie K. Hunter March 07, 2006  

Wow Meredith! It looks So great! The yellow and green corners really stand out against the other scraps...terrific quilt!


Kairle Oaks March 07, 2006  

Your quilt is so much fun to look at. It really creates a lot of movement. Simple, but amazing!

tami March 07, 2006  

that is just stunning. i love scrap quilts and that one is one of my favorites.

Cher March 10, 2006  

simple, scrappy, and such a moving design..I like this a lot.

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