Friday, March 17, 2006

The borders are done, so another top joins the pile. I like how this one turned out, even though blue and yellow isn't a colour combination I have much of in my house. When this is quilted I may even put it up for sale in our local art and craft gallery. I'll be happy if I just have the photos to remember it by.

It's not a big top, and I think it would look nice hanging on a wall, so I'll have to make sure it's got a sleeve on it when the quilting's done. I've already made the binding, I like getting a bit ahead of myself like that.

As soon as it gets cooler here I want to really start quilting up a storm, or everyone will think I never finish anything. I have a pile of tops it's true, but I've also got lots of finished quilts on the beds ( there's 13 piled one on top of another on the spare bed!) and I've given quite a few away and sold some. Keryn's got a heap more though, it's almost embarressing!

I've got another set of blocks almost sewn too, I was using them as leader-enders. They're just blue and white Crosses and Losses, so they were simple to keep track of. I like lining all my patches up on an old plastic lid and putting it next to the machine, it all looks so organised. I've got 20 of these blocks cut out but I might do more, depending on how I decide to set them. My drawer of blues is overflowing and won't shut without a struggle, so I might hack a few more bits up.


Alena March 17, 2006  

What a beauty! I really like the color combination even if it is one I also probably would not think of at the first moment of choosing colors - gosh - does this make sense? - anyway, I love all the quilt tops you show us, just keep going without worrying how many they are piled waiting for finishing...

dot March 18, 2006  

I like the blue/yellow quilt. I like you idea with the lid and lining your blocks. Have fun quilting and show the quilts as they are finished.

Finn March 18, 2006  

Very nice blue and yellow top..*S*

I especially like the pieced border, it adds a lot. And I can hardly wait to see your crosses and losses. I've been running blue and white through as L&E's making 3.5" 9 patches of them. It does help to run the bits through as you sew..they add up fast.

Granny March 18, 2006  

I like the blue/yellow quilt. I really like the yellow fabric!

Judy L.

Quilts And Pieces March 18, 2006  

It looks wonderful! And I love that block you are working on now! That is my all time favorite block!

Cher March 20, 2006  

that top came out so's great to stack up tops and then have a quilting binge I think. Love the next set of blocks coming up too...leaders and much fun.

Bonnie K. Hunter March 22, 2006  

My blue drawer of FQs won't shut either! So what did I buy this weekend? MORE BLUE. It just calls to me...I love your crosses and losses block, and it will look great in blues! The blue/yellow star is beautiful...I have only made one blue and yellow bed sized quilt, and it doesn't go with much in my house either, but it was fun working in that combination....


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