Monday, March 13, 2006

The blocks are in one piece and looking quite lively.

There are borders being pieced and the dreaded maths being done to make them fit. That's the worst of not planning ahead, you have to fudge measurements and do the calculations in the middle of the project. The star blocks are 6 and 3/4" finished, a really odd size, but I probably thought I'd set them straight so it wouldn't be a problem. Ha! I can be relied on to do things arse-end round, as we country persons put it.

I think I'm still on a book-bargain high, and I'm being quite a bad sport over my luck ( as in "Nyah nyah, lookee what I got for a DOLLAR!!) No-one likes a Gloater, as they said in Blackadder, but now that my friends here have displayed suitable envy and teeth-gnashing, I'll condescend to share my bounty. Only a lend of some, mind you; I'm still in the stage of hugging certain volumes during the day, so they won't be prised out of my possessive little paws.


Laura March 14, 2006  

The yellow setting blocks are wonderful, really sets the blue off. If the math doesn't come out just put a tiny blue border around the center to make it work.

mereth March 14, 2006  

actually the little fudge border is going to be yellow,I prefer the blocks to 'float' on the background. Your mind must be on the same wavelength as mine..

Alena March 14, 2006  

beautiful quilt top, you are so productive! so many such a beautiful quilt tops in such a short time...

Kay March 17, 2006  

Great quilt! One of my favorite patterns.

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