Friday, March 10, 2006

Em..... the local library had a book sale on today, and I may have bought a few things. This is the front seat of my car afterwards.

How could I resist, all hardback books were $1 and paperbacks were 50 cents!

Lookee what I got!

Art books.

Craft books. The russian embroidery book is wonderful and the Country Quilts one I must have borrowed about 10 times over the years. And now I get to keep it for a buck!

I got heaps of decorating books that are just crammed full of gorgeous photos and wonderful colour schemes. I'm going to get so many ideas from all this.

This is a huge cookbook by Stephanie Alexander and it cost $65 a few years ago, and.....I got it for $1!

What a haul, and it all cost less than the price of one new hardback book! I have a huge collection of books now, bookcases in every room and yet this sight warms the cockles of me little heart. I think I'd rather have books than material right now, and I certainly don't feel guilty about this "personal library enhancement".

There may be something occurring in the star department too.....


Finn March 11, 2006  

What a treasure trove!! I think you hit the jackpot on books..*S* Our little library doesn't have many quilt books, but I luck out every once in a while.
Love whats happening with the stars..*VBS* Enjoy the book browsing!!

Laura March 11, 2006  

I love books, you really hit the mother load! I love buying books just about as much as fabric, have fun looking through them all!

Laurie Ann March 11, 2006  

Sounds like a great day! Now you may be too busy reading to blog!!!

Samantha March 11, 2006  

So much fun! Looks like you bought the place out...

Holly March 11, 2006  

The StarFlower a.k.a LeMoyne Star is one of my all time favorite blocks! This is turning out lovely.

I also love the library. I never feel I've wasted money when it's on books or fabric :)

keryn March 11, 2006  

Gaaakkkk!! Total jealousy on my part. The Stepahie Alexander is still in bookshops here for over $70. Well done!! I wish I could have been there....

Cher March 12, 2006  

great bargin shopping! I think you did great...books, music, and quilting...all necessities.

Anonymous,  March 12, 2006  

I love books too and to get them at such a good price - how much fun is that! Enjoy your new collection :-)

Bonnie K. Hunter March 13, 2006  

Weeeeeeeeee! What fun you had! I love books almost as much as I love fabric! Nothing better than relaxing with a stack of books, with lots of pictures and just thumbing through! The one on period decorating sounds really intersting to me too...


Patti March 14, 2006  

What a great haul! Quilt books are one of my downfalls. They never seem to have any at all at the library sales - too many quilters in the area I guess!

I love how the star quilt is turning out. Here's an idea for the future - just in case you didn't think of this. When I have a top that is a funky measurement I always put in a little "cheater" border to bring the size out to an even inch measurement that will easily fit the next pieced border. The cheater border can be a contrasting border or a matching fabric, depending on whether you want it to really show or not.

Darcie March 15, 2006  

Oooh Mereth! This may sound crazy...but I can just smell all of those books. Love that! (I know...I warned you it was crazy!)

Good for you!

And your darling little Singer in the next posting...what a sweet little thing. Is it a 301?

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