Friday, March 24, 2006

Hmmm, what to do with all the off-cuts of the little squares from my bowtie quilt? Common sense would dictate that I throw the little blighters away, wouldn't it?

Am I known for my common sense? In most matters, but not when it comes to even a whisper of wasting fabric.

So the 396 pairs of tiny triangles are becoming.....

...tiny pinwheels. These will finish at 1 1/2", which means each triangle will be 3/4". I don't think that's being too obsessive, do you?

I suppose if there were only a few of them I could chuck them away, but 396 pairs? That's quite a pile.

I don't know what I'll do with them just yet, but they're being leader-enders at the moment, which suits me fine.

Because I've realised that I'm in a self-perpetuating top manufacturing cycle here.

These are 30 crosses and losses blocks, enough for another top, and they were effortless, because they were leader-enders. I can't produce another set of blocks for every project I finish, or I'll feel like I'm running on the spot.

So I'll have to choose patterns like Bonnies that use squillions of little pieces and take ages to accumulate enough bits to set into a top.

And does anyone else have leader-ender guilt? Sometimes I get so excited about the little pieces that I find myself sewing the leader-enders after the other project's done. I feel guilty because I'm only supposed to do them in between the main piecing, and if I use up all the cut bits for the leader-enders then where will I be?

I find myself sewing away surreptiously and telling myself to stop it at once.... Just another example of how I can get distracted. Bonnie must have heaps more discipline than me.



Finn March 24, 2006  

Move over guilt twinged...stand next to me, we'll be the "bad ones" together..LOL. I also love running the "supposed" leader/enders through, more than just one pair. AND yes, of course, can't throw away those triangle pairs. I was given a "pile" anomousy at a quilt know, the little pile left on your sewing machine at night? One of the gals gave me all the "pairs" she trimmed from her snow ball quilt. I turned them into the triangle pairs for a shoo fly, using them with assorted christmas fabrics, and plaids for a broken dish alternate block.

The pairs that are coming off my pineapple blossoms are becoming "hovering hawk" blocks. I love the bits!! So much so that I often don't use my stash, just the scraps keep me busy...LOL

Feel any better *VBG*? Hugs, Finn

Quilts And Pieces March 24, 2006  

Oh I love those blue and white crosses and lossess blocks! Oh they are absolutely beautiful!

Cher March 24, 2006  

I love using up the leftovers and keeping it going...guilty here too of getting so excited about the leader/ender that I just keep on going too. I think you have a lot of company Mereth

Anonymous,  March 24, 2006  

Mee too!! I often do a sewing session with my leaders/enders. In a few months, those tiny pinwheels will have grown to a useful number! Those blue/white blocks are gorgeous too :-)

The Calico Cat March 25, 2006  

HEY I recognize that block! I did it similar to yours, but mine had the small triangles in yellow - it ended up being a tertiary design when the blocks were pieced together! (my first big quilt!)

Nines March 25, 2006  

Sarah says that fabric in the scrap bin multiplies, overnight. It never gets all used up, no matter how hard I try! I have a soft spot for pinwheels and yours are so sweet! I am also a bit envious of you and your Singer 221. I have been looking for one for months, but none, yet. What a great deal for you!

Bonnie K. Hunter March 25, 2006  

*giggle* TOO FUNNY!! Yes, I get leader ender guilt too...but especially when I am in too much of a hurry to USE leader/ender pairs to end the stitching and am then back to clipping threads and tossing it in the waste basket...I love your little pinwheels...they are turning out so cute!


Lucy March 27, 2006  

What a beautifull blue and white blocks!! I can't wait to see them into a quilt!

Quiltgranny March 30, 2006  

And here I thought I was the only one who let the leader/enders become the who kit and kaboodle! LOL! I feel like a little kid in the candy store with them!

ForestJane March 31, 2006  

I made Bonnie's pineapple blossom blocks smaller, in the heart layout I did - so I have some really teeny little bits left.

Now the cats have managed to stomp past the sewing machine and send them all over - I've got to start sewing with a box of ziplocks handy to keep from being scatter-catted!

Linda C. June 01, 2006  

Seeing your tiny pinwheels made me look in my wastebasket at the triangles I'm cutting off my perfume bottles. I think they would finish at 1/2" . . . anybody want them?

As for Singer 221's, I have a couple extra, looking for good homes! DH bought so many for friends over the years, he couldn't stop when he saw a good one. That's not counting my own, and the one my sister-in-law, Jan, keeps at my house for those trips when she flies from Texas, and can't bring a machine. Now, she doesn't have to even worry about it. Just before she arrives, I get her machine out, and check it over, make sure it is oiled and operating properly. Then, off we go to Retreat, or whatever event we have planned.

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