Saturday, January 28, 2017

I started a new quilt on January the first because I wanted to acknowledge that I'm not just going to finish old projects, but begin new ones too. Especially ones that I've been meaning to make for years and years.

I saved this photo in 2012 and every time I see it I think "Oh, that would be so easy, I must make that..." This time I took action and got out my grey scraps and yardage and started cutting.

Then all the madness of life intervened and  I've only managed to sew a few units and one completed block. A couple of days ago I got into the sewing room and decided I would cut out all the blue pieces at once, so that I could make blocks whenever I'd  finished a few square in square units.  That should move things along, alrighty!

Except...after I'd cut out enough pieces for fifteen blocks I suddenly thought  "Wasn't I making them three and a half by TWO inches ?"

I'd cut the whole lot 1 1/2" by mistake. Sigh, tiredness will muddle your thinking like that. So it was back to the fabric shop for more of the blue (luckily I'd got it from our little shop in town) and I cut out another pile. (and now I have to find a use for the miscut pieces!)

I have all the centres cut for thirty blocks and a pile of grey and cream bits, so hopefully I won't need to engage my mind too much when putting these together.(The virulent blue of my cutting mat throws the colour of my photos off so much, these units are actually a nice cream and grey)
I haven't decided on a pink setting fabric yet, but I'm hoping this project doesn't languish too long in the making. I need to get a finish for 2017- it's nearly the end of January already!


Mary Johnson January 28, 2017  

I really should be working on UFO's too and I find myself in the middle of 3 other projects right now. Forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing is just one reason I don't like to set piecing projects aside!

Sue SA January 28, 2017  

Great idea starting a new project on 1 Jan! Love the softness of this antique quilt.

judyquilts January 29, 2017  

Such a pretty vintage quilt. It reminds me of an old one that I have in my collection. I must get it out and look at it again.

Lucy January 30, 2017  

This is going to be a perfect quilt. I love the idea of making a new quilt :-)

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