Saturday, January 07, 2017

 I have a few tops that I finished late last year and never got around to showing them on the blog. This is a green and blue 25 patch, that was meant to use up the remaining fabrics from my Scrappy Mountains quilt, which is quilted but not bound.

(I have this photo of it on the machine, but failed to take one of the quilted finish. I should get on and bind it...)

Typically, in the way of scraps, there are still some left, and I might piece a strip to go in the backing somewhere. The sashing seems very yellow, but in real life it's much paler.

It's very rare for me to be able to use up a bundle of fabric entirely, there always seems to be enough to form the kernel of yet another project. It's a strange alchemy indeed, that scraps beget more scraps and never completely disappear....


Sue SA January 08, 2017  

These quilts are very soft and pretty, perfect for when little girls need big beds.

Lori January 08, 2017  

What panto did you use on the delectable mountains? And why the power failures? Ugh! I so enjoy catching up on your life.

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